Ideal for a server with pvp and perfect for all faction pvp servers.
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Scoreboard - Display a scoreboard when a nexus is launched
Planning - Planning a nexus every x time or at a certain time of the day
Unlimited nexus- Create as many nexus as you want
Unlimited activation - Launch as many nexus at the same time as you want

When the Nexus is broken :

When you don't have a diamond sword to hit the Nexus :

Commands to start it without delay and to stop it :

Scoreboard update when players type the Nexus :

Start a Nexus automatically every x minutes :


  • /nexus » Show commands (znexus.use)
  • /nexus create <nexus name> » Create a nexus (znexus.create)
  • /nexus delete <nexus name> » Delete a nexus (znexus.delete)
  • /nexus show » Show nexus (
  • /nexus spawn <nexus name> » Spawn a nexus (znexus.spawn)
  • /nexus now <nexus name> » Spawn a nexus without cooldown (
  • /nexus stop <nexus name> » Stop a nexus (znexus.stop)
  • /nexus version » Show plugin version
  • /nexus reload » Reload configuration (znexus.reload)
  • /nexus move <nexus name> » Move nexus location (znexus.move)
  • /nexus reset » Reset file stats nexus (znexus.resetstats)
  • /nexus ranking » Show player ranking (znexus.ranking)
  • /nexus scheduler » Show scheduler commands (znexus.scheduler)
  • /nexus scheduler list » Show scheduler list (znexus.scheduler)
  • /nexus scheduler remove <uuid> » Remove a scheduler (znexus.scheduler)
  • /nexus scheduler add <delay/repeat> <totem name> <day/minute> [<hour>] [<minute>] » Add scheduler (znexus.scheduler)
Example 1 : /nexus scheduler add repeat myNexus 120 » Nexus myNexus will appear every two hours
Example 2 : /nexus scheduler add delay myNexus monday 15 30 » Nexus myNexus will appear every Monday at 3.30 p.m.


Config :
Lang :
Lang FR :
Crediting original
Create by AzartoxHD based on zTotem

Latest updates

  1. Placeholders

    - Added NexusDamageEvent listener to retrieve all information of a current nexus - The...
  2. TitleManagerAPI

    Addition of the TitleManager API for holograms
  3. Somes fixes

    Fixed item restrictions for version greater than 1.13 Changing information in the scoreboard...

Latest reviews

EN: Awesome plugin and your players will love it
FR: Un plugin incroyable et vos joueurs vont l'adorer
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