ElementalGems [1.8-1.18] Gem Shops, Upgrades, API, Rewards, Hex Colors & More! v1.7.0

The #1 Currency System on the market! Better than MobCoins and Tokens!
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The #1 currency system on the market!

ElementalGems is a new currency based off "Gems", which can be earned from killing mobs, killing players, mining blocks, farming, and from fishing! Gems can be used to purchase exclusive items from the Gem Shop or to purchase upgrades to receive special perks from the Gem Upgrades! All of this can be easily customized within the config files. This fun new resource is lightweight and includes a variety of highly customizable features, including placeholders, offline support, and MySQL support!

Perfect for Factions, Skyblock, Prisons, Kitpvp, and every other gamemode!


Gem Shop(s):

Gem Upgrades: (Personal favorite :D)

Automatically redeem gems when dropped:

Automated Gem Drops: (Perfect for grinders!)

Receive Gems from killing mobs, killing players, mining blocks, farming, and fishing!

Withdraw Gems:

Add Gems to a player's account:

Remove Gems from a player's account:

Give Gems to a player in-game:

Set the amount of Gems in a player's account:

There are also more features such as:

* Customizable messages
* Customizable gem drop rates
* Optional random amounts dropped >>>
(For example: Instead of receiving 4 gems each time, it will give you a random amount between 1 and 4)
* Customizable shop
* Unlimited shop rewards
* Execute commands when an item is purchased from shop
* Toggle certain upgrades
* Set a max for each upgrade

Any many more features to come!


* /Gems balance
perm: elementalgems.balance
desc: View your own gem balance

* /Gems balance <Player>
perm: elementalgems.balance.others
desc: View another's gem balance

* /Gems withdraw <Amount>
perm: elementalgems.withdraw
desc: Withdraw gems from your balance

* /Gems pay <Player> <Amount>
perm: elementalgems.pay
desc: Send gem payments to another player

* /Gems shop
perm: elementalgems.shop
desc: Open the gem shop

* /Gems upgrades
perm: elementalgems.upgrades
desc: Open the gem upgrades menu

* /Gems version
desc: View the plugin version

* All default gem commands:
perm: elementalgems.access
desc: Access all default gem commands

* /Gems add <Player> <Amount>
perm: elementalgems.admin
desc: Add gems to a player's account

* /Gems remove <Player> <Amount>
perm: elementalgems.admin
desc: Remove gems from a player's account

* /Gems set <Player> <Amount>
perm: elementalgems.admin
desc: Set the amount gems in a player's account

* /Gems give <Player> <Amount>
perm: elementalgems.admin
desc: Add gems to a player's inventory

* /Gems reload
perm: elementalgems.admin
desc: Reload the configuration file.

Fortune - Receive more gems per drop

Luck - Higher chance of receiving gems

Discount - Receive a discount on all items on the /Gem Shop

Charity - When a player receives a gem, they have a chance for 'everyone else' on the server to also receive some gems


Follow this link to go to the NEW GemAPI

If you have any questions or concerns about this plugin, feel free to contact me via private message or join my discord and @ me :tup: https://discord.gg/Qqf8BfN

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✔ 50 Purchases
100 Purchases
✘ 500 Purchases
✘ 1000 Purchases
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Latest updates

  1. v1.7.0

    Changes: Corrected a minor issue that didn't allow hex colors to work in 1.18 Changed shop...
  2. v1.6.9

    Changes: - Slightly optimized gem upgrades - Added a new subcommand to the "/gems give" and...
  3. v1.6.8

    Changes: - Corrected a minor issue that didn't format certain messages properly (All numbers...

Latest reviews

Thank for read review and update the problem!
Memory leak from Mysql
Hello. Would you mind joining my support discord, and ping me, so that we may work together to get this issue resolved as soon as possible, please? :) https://discord.gg/Qqf8BfN
This plugin is something I have been looking for for a long time, no idea why I didn't find it sooner.

Great dev who answered all of my questions on Discord about the plugin before I decided to buy it.

Plugin does exactly what it says and works perfect - would recommend for a different type of currency, or as a something 'extra' to give your server a little twist.
Do you have discord support?
Hello! Thanks for the rating! Yes, I do have discord support. It can be found at the bottom of the resource page or you can simply use this link :) https://discord.gg/Qqf8BfN
Really fast support, him take care very much <3
Thanks for the support! Glad I could be of assistance =)
Very easy to setup/use, easily the most customizable plugins i've ever used. Super simple yet expandable, a great resource for SkyBlock servers. And the dev is amazing with support, he's always active on his discord engaging with the community and helping out whoever needs it. 5/5!
Thanks for the support! Let me know if there's anything I can assist you with :D
An excellent plugin with the best support!
Thanks for the support! Much appreciated :D
Very nice plugin with amazing support, 100% the best secondary currency plugin on mcm and spigot.
Thanks for your support! Glad to hear you and your server are enjoying the plugin! :D
Awesome developer, Great plugin!
Will be using this plugin on my server for sure!
Haha thanks for the support! Let me know know there's anything you need help with :)
Excellent Plugin, my server loves it & the dev is actively involved in improving the plugin/listening to feedback! Definitely recommend as a great rpg/economy asset!!
Thanks for the support! Glad to hear your server is enjoying the plugin! Also, feel free to shoot me a pm if you would like me to add your server to the list on this thread :D
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