Roam [1.14.4] Limited Freeroam 2.0

Allow your players to free roam with limits without the use of modifications.

Support will be provided with purchase. To find more information visit the official roam wiki. Roam has a large amount of features as shown above and is completely customizeable.
Minecraft/Spigot/Bukkit versions 1.15.2 may or may not work with Roam. It has yet to be tested with these versions and ActionBarAPI doesn't seem to support it
ActionBarAPI [1.8 - 1.14.2]
is the title, but it may run on 1.15.2. I can not confirm nor deny that it will run on 1.15.2. If you are planning on using Roam on 1.15.2, purchase at your own risk.
# ____                        #
#|  _ \ ___   __ _ _ __ ___   #
#| |_) / _ \ / _` |  _ ` _ \  #
#|  _ < (_) | (_| | | | | | | #
#|_| \_\___/ \__,_|_| |_| |_| #
#                             #
    main-use: "roam.use"
    #Enter roam mode!
    bypass-cooldown: "roam.bypass-cooldown"
    #Allow a player to bypass the cooldown on /roam!
    bypass-distance: "roam.bypass-distance"
    #Allow a player to bypass the limit on distance!
    roam-distance: 250
    #Set the distance limit.
    default-gamemode: 0
    #The normal gamemode for players in a number.
    commands-disabled: true
    #Should commands be enabled. Warning: DISABLING COULD CAUSE PLUGIN TO BREAK!
    anti-pvp-abuse: true
    #Should people be able to be invincible with roam during pvp?
    cooldown-time: 60
    #Cooldown time is in seconds
    anti-bedrock-abuse: true
    #Do you want people to be able to go under the bedrock?
    bedrock-abuse-command: "spawn"
    #What command should be executed when the player goes under bedrock? No /!
        delete-armorstand: true
        #Disable armorstand when a player exits roam mode?
        gravity: false
        helmet: "DIAMOND_HELMET"
        chestplate: "DIAMOND_CHESTPLATE"
        leggings: "DIAMOND_LEGGINGS"
        boots: "DIAMOND_BOOTS"
        arms: true
        canpickupitems: false
        namevisible: true
        baseplate: false
#Do not use the apostrophe in these. I learned this from experience just trust me on that one!
    enable-message: "&7[&2&lRoam&7] &bRoaming is now enabled!"
    commands-disabled-message: "&7[&2&lRoam&7] &4You can not run commands while in roam mode!"
    fly-disabled-message: "&7[&2&lRoam&7] &4Fly is disabled in roam mode!"
    hotbar-notclear-message: "&7[&2&lRoam&7] &4Your hotbar needs to be clear to enter roam mode!"
    noperms-message: "&7[&2&lRoam&7] &4You do not have permission to use roam mode!"
    reloaded-config-message: "&7[&2&lRoam&7] &bSuccessfully reloaded the config!"
    roam-enabled-message: "&7[&2&lRoam&7] &bYou have enabled roam mode!"
    roam-exit-message: "&7[&2&lRoam&7] &bYou have disabled roam mode!"
    actionbar-distance-message: "&4Your distance is "
    player-take-armor-message: "&7[&2&lRoam&7] &4You do not have permission to take this!"
    #The number will be added with a !.
    bedrock-abuse-message: "&7[&2&lRoam&7] &4Your roam mode has been disabled because you went under bedrock!"
    over-distance-limit-message: "&7[&2&lRoam&7] &4Your roam mode has been disabled because you went past the defined distance!"
    #Do not use the apostrophe in these. I learned this from experience just trust me on that one!
I created this plugin because I saw this on many of my favorite servers to play on and wanted to see if I could create my own. I have been working as a plugin developer for 2 years now and this has been my hardest project currently. This plugin took 3 days of work to create fixing every single bug that I could find. That is why I have put so much effort into making it look great and work great. I hope you enjoy it and find it very useful on your server :).
  • Ready to use immediately when added to the server!
  • Configure all messages withing the configuration.
  • Edit the armor stand that spawns.
  • Spawns an armor stand to take the players place while they are in roam mode.
  • Anti PVP Abuse - Players roam mode will be disabled when their armor stand is hit so they can't escape PVP if enabled in the configuration file.
  • Anti Bedrock Abuse - Players can't go under bedrock if enabled in the configuration file.
  • Set the command that runs when players bedrock abuse.
  • Customize able command cool down that can be set in the configuration file.
  • Distance Tracker that is configurable withing the configuration file.
  • Edit all options for the plugin within the configuration file.
  • Set all of the permissions using the configuration.
  • Includes useful information on every option and feature in the configuration file.
  • Can be customized in game!
/roam - Allows you to enter, exit and reload the plugin.
/roam settings - Enter the settings menu in-game!
/roam reload - Reload the plugin config!
All permissions can be decided by you in the configuration file.
Default Permissions:
  • roam.use - Allows the player to use /roam.
  • roam.bypass-cooldown - Allows the player to bypass the command cooldown on /roam.
  • roam.bypass-distance - Allows the player to bypass the maximum distance set in the configuration file.
Demo Server:
IP: - This is where you can test the plugin and try it out for yourself!
Servers Using Roam:
  • Code Craft
Please message me if you want me to add your server here.
Tutorial/Showcase Video:

Dependent on ActionBarAPI! Download Here!
Please message me if you have any problems with roam here or on discord here!
Found here is a speedcode of me creating the plugin (This does not fix the bugs in the speed code so others can't copy it)

Latest updates

  1. Added settings!

    Added a new settings page with /roam settings!
  2. Added new configuration options

    You can now edit the message when players go under bedrock and change the command run when they do.


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