Vector Forum Tags 2020-05-15

Forum tags with 11 different ranks.
These tags are customisable! Let me know what ranks and colours you need, and I'll send them over to you for $5.


Icons for use anywhere and everywhere! Xenforo, Enjin, MyBB, it's all good - these are free to use in any way you want. There are 11 ranks, which are as follows:
  • Owner (dark red)
  • Admin (red)
  • Senior Mod (yellow)
  • Moderator (purple)
  • Junior Mod (pink)
  • Helper (light blue)
  • Builder (cyan)
  • Developer (dark green)
  • Donator (light green)
  • Member (grey)
  • Banned (dark grey)

Upon downloading you'll receive .png files of all of the above, as well as a version of each scaled-up to 4x. I've also included the Illustrator file so you can tinker around with them a bit if you want.

More in the works! Let me know what you want to see next.
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