CommandCooldown (with parameters) 1.0

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create a cooldown on commands even with parameters
With this plugin you can cooldown your commands for players!
Just add the command in the config.yml

- different cooldowns for commands
- parameters are allowed
- custom permissions for groups/players

How does it work?
1. Add the command to the config.yml
2. Add permissions to the players/groups
3. Done! :)

Setup the time and command via permissions.
For example: commandcooldown.gamemode_creative300 - Let the player who has the permission got a cooldown of 300seconds for the command „gamemode creative“

To get no cooldown at any command

When a player gots two permissions with two different times, the lowest amount will be used.

commandEnter: '&cYou used the command %cmd%! Wait &4%time%sec &cto use it again..'[/B]
[B]commandEnterAgain: '&cYou are currently in a cooldown for this command! Remaining:
commandExpired: '&aYou can now use the Command &2%cmd% &aagain!'
- your first command
- your second command
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