PlayerServers Hub Core Addon for PlayerServers 1.4.4-A

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An addon for PlayerServers which allows your players to have server selector & more
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An addon for PlayerServers which allows you to implement
PlayerServer selector GUI & Placeholders on your Lobbies.

PlayerCount Placeholder %playerservers_online%
This addon provides PlayerCount placeholder which could be
used to provide PlayerCount of the player's server. If the server
goes offline, it's value would be simply "Offline".

Server Selector GUI
Adds an additional Player Server Selector GUI
to your lobby. More pictures are available below.
Online Servers Placeholder %playerservers_serversonline%
This addon also provides servers-online placeholder, which
displays how many player-servers are currently running.

In order to install this plugin, just place it
in your plugins folder, and connect it to the
same Database, the main PlayerServers
plugin is connected to.

Crediting original
- XMaterials is used to provide cross-version compatibility:
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Latest updates

  1. 1.4.4-A: Hotfix

    Fixed an issue where the plugin was not enabling due to missing library
  2. v1.4.4: Fixed multinode issues

    Implemented experimental multi-node support. In order to use it, please enable multi-node in the...
  3. v1.4.3: Further bugfixes and improvements to PSHubCore

    Fixed some inventory errors happening when players click on empty slot of the inventory GUI
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