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The UltimateTroll Plugin is one of the best Troll Plugin available in the Internet. It has over 31 Trolls, PotionEffects, Troll Bows, a Configurable System. Everything is made in GUI's what this Plugin makes really easy to use for everyone!


» 31+ Trolls
» Potion Effects
» Troll Bows
» Clickable Item to open the GUI
» Permissions




» Fake OP
Sends the Player a Fake OP message
» Launch Player
Launches the Player to the Sky
» Explode
Creates a Explosion on Players position
» Scare
Plays very loud Scary Sounds
» Drop Item
Drops the Item that the Player has in hand
» Fake Ban
Kicks the Player from the Server with the Reason: "You are banned from the Server"
» Fire
Sets the Player on Fire
» Lightning
Summons Lightning/s on Players position
» Crap
First it fills every free slot in Players Inventory with Crap then it drops Crap on Players position until the duration ends
» Cobweb
Teleports the Player in a Cobweb Pillar
» Random Look
Makes the Player look in random directions until the duration ends
» Void
Breaks Blocks under Player until he die
» Hunger
Gives the Player a high Hunger Level that all his Hunger bars will disappear
» Spam Chat
Spams Players Chat full with random Numbers
» Anvil
Anvils falling on Player
» Disable Build and Break
Player cant Place and Break Blocks until the duration ends
» See Inventory
Shows the Inventory from Player
» Fake Golden Apple
Gives the Player a Golden Apple that looks like a normal Golden Apple but it will give him nearly every Bad effect for 20 seconds
» Freeze
Player cant move until the duration ends
» Fake Inventory Clear
Removes all Items from Players Inventory until the duration ends then all will be back
» Teleport to Sun
Teleports the Player on a 1x1 Block on max height
» Teleport to Bedrock
Teleports the Player on height 1
» Close Inventory
Closes the current Inventory(Crafting Table, Furnace, Enchanting Table, Chest etc...) that the player has open
» Fake Creeper
Spawns a Creeper near the Player that when it explodes disappears with a funny sound
» Fake Join
Sends the Player a Fake Join message with the Player name you put in the Config
» Swap
Swaps positions
» Fake Lag
When the Player Break or Place Blocks they will Break/Place with a delay that it looks like he is lagging
» No Crafting

The Player cant Craft
» Fake Achievement
Sends the Player a Fake Achievement message with the Achievement Name you set in the Config
» No Chest
The Player cant open any Type of Chest for an amount of time you set in the Config
» Control
Control the Player(Looks a bit laggy in 1.8
(Could ban/kick the player if you have a AntiCheat)

Potion Effects


» Every Negative PotionType

» Custom Potion Duration and Strength Level
» Everything simple to use in a Click-GUI


Troll Bows


» 3 super cool Troll-Bows

» No bugs, errors
» No lags even with Bad PC's/Laptop's


Select Player


» Very Simple Click-GUI to choose the player you wanna Troll



» Reload your Config without reloading or restarting your Server

» Vanish yourself that nobody can see you
» Easy to use in a Click-GUI


Command | Permission | Funktion

/troll | troll.command | Opens the Player Selection

/trollitem | troll.getitem | Gives you the Troll-Item

/troll help | troll.command | Shows a little help

- | troll.bows | Able to use Troll-Bows




Simply drag and drop the .jar file in your plugins folder and restart/reload/start your server.

Last Words

This plugin was my first plugin for the public if you find some issues pls dont blame me :(

If you want to Support me then leave a Review and tell your friends about this Plugin.

Latest updates


    I decide to set this plugin to free have fun:)



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