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Project Wands

Hello, I am Ricardo, 18 years old and a minecraft developer nerd :D

Welcome to my newest project, Project Wands!
In this thread you will be able to find the discord server, download the plugin and find information about it. If you can't have your question answered here, check our discord out here.

Why this plugin?
This plugin is in full development, and most of it is configurable. This plugin is fresh, and one of the few as far as I know that works on 1.15.2.
This plugin will be expended to other versions soon.
Other mc versions will be written again, to prevent errors in your console.
There are also no advertisements at all.
It is also very user friendly, no scary stuff.
A good plugin, after all :)

Because of the time I put in it, and the support I give people, the requests you can make, I am selling this plugin for $5 only!
You can pay throught PayPal (Tikkie for the dutch gangsters).

Trial before purchasing?
You can request a Trial á Demo, which means you can test out the plugin for a week and see if it is what you needed! This way, we are both sure we actually want it :)

If you wanna buy the plugin, or wanna get a demo to test it out for a week, you can make a ticket at the discord server and request it there!
The official site will be a thing in the future when the ALPHA becomes a BETA.

When does the configurable version come out?
This plugin is configurable, not everything, but alot. Trust me. :D

Can I do spell/wands requests?
Yes, you can make a request and if enough people like it, it will be added.

Is this plugin optimized for small servers?
This plugin should be light. I am still looking for BETA testers to check the perfomance on big servers. No problems have been found yet.

Are there spoilers of a new update?

I am actually spamming the discord server here full with spoilers and things, and asking people for opinions.
Sometimes only the VIP's will be able to see, sometimes everyone will be able to see :)

Can I have it for free?
In some cases I can give you a free permanent key, think about advertising with a huge amount of viewers, or being a partner ;)
Otherwise, no. The only exception is the DEMO.

Is this good for a minigame?
No it is not. It is good for Roleplay based servers/idea's. It is also fun for PvP servers like strong bosses and stuff. But it is clearly not made for minigames and I am not planning in to make it minigame-compatible any soon.

Are there things this plugin does that I should know?
Yes, take in mind that firework won't do damage anymore to entities or players. At all. Take that in mind.

Is there an explainment on the config?

Yes, you can find it over here.

- Do not sell your key without letting us know.
- Do not decompile the plugin.
- If breaking the ToS, we might consider to disable your key.


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