[NEW] SKYBLOCK BUILD [25% OFF SALE] 1.15.2 2020-05-29

A Skyblock Spawn to the fullest
In this Skyblock Server Spawn made by our build team, you spawn in a lovely old-fashioned house decorated with a tree island and a nice pond.


The interior inside is a lovely spawn area decorated to the brim with some homey items that are used in the Minecraft Game.


After exploring for a bit, you will see a leader board island with the top 5 players in the server. The leader board is fully customizable, since this is an only-build server.


Once you head back to the main island, you can cross a lovely bridge to the next island, the crates island.


The crates island has a nice house that replicates the main island house, but a bit smaller because crates do not take much space.


The interior of the lovely house is a work-shop vibe, giving an essence to the crates and making it seem it has a background to it. There are 6 crates to customize and name!


After leaving the house, there will be another lovely bridge to what is known as the shop island. On this island is a little place for you to place your NPC along with a little detailing.


Thank you so much for tuning into
the story of this build!

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Crediting original
Discord : FocusPixel#0176 and Khedalos#5086
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