( 1.13 - 1.17.1 ) MaskedCrates 2.3.8

Open crates with awesome in world animations using armorstands.

MaskedCrates is a unique crates plugin that replaces the old static crates where players have to use a crate key to open *sigh*, thats wack. The concept is still the same though, the player gets a random reward based on a chance set in the config. With maskedcrates players can receive crate items, in shape of skulls with a custom skin, that when opened an in world animation will start at their location. You can customize all crates in the crates.yml.

Shake Animation (smoother ingame)

Currently you are limited to 2 premade animations, there will be added more over time and at some point also a way to create your own custom animations.

This plugin is highly prioritied to be efficient and optimized for servers, so it is as cheap on memory and cpu power as I can get it.

Animations: While opening crates an animations will be shown, currently there is only 2 premade animations and no way to add more yourself, but more animations will be added over time, and please give me some suggestions for some.
Customizable: All menus are highly customizable, and can be customized in the config.yml.

Tabcompleter: You can tab complete command arguments.
Data File: Save logout while opening crates, by saving the crate, the reward and the player's uuid in a data file, the player will get their reward when they join the server again.

Menus: At the moment there are 2 menus, one that shows craterewards and another that gives an overview of all crates.
Lands Support: If enabled in the config, you can disable wether or not player should be able to open crates in land that is not your own.

To see how to install, setup and update the plugin check check the installation guide here

For more information check out the official wiki page (it is usable, but is incomplete)

See default configs here

If "players-need-permission" option in config.yml is set to true then players needs maskedcrates.open to use crates.

[] = Optional
<> = Required

Command: /crates rewards <crate> [player]
Permission: maskedcrates.showrewards
Description: show the crate's rewards to player
Command: /crates show [player]
Permission: maskedcrates.show
Permission: maskedcrates.show.other
Description: Open the menu that gives an overview over all available crates.
Command: /crates help
Permission: maskedcrates.help
Description: Show help list.
Command: /crates open <crate> [player]
Permission: maskedcrates.open.other
Description: Open a crate for the specified player
Command: /crates reload
Permission: maskedcrates.reload
Description: Reload configs
Command: /crates give <crate> [player] [amount]
Permission: maskedcrates.give
Description: Give the specified player a crate.
Command: /crates giveall <crate> [amount]
Permission: maskedcrates.giveall
Description: Give a crate to all online players

All visuals looks smoother ingame


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Latest updates

  1. Bug fixes

    FIXED error when hotbar swapping and not pressing 0-9 on you keyboard. FIXED an error that...
  2. added armorequip event

    - Players could previously put crates on there head as a helmet, this has been fix. - Removed...
  3. bug fix

    Fixed players could place crates if it opened while in offhand

Latest reviews

This is actually one of the best crates/lootbox plugin that I came across with. Animations are smooth and the config is pretty easy to understand. Totally worth it1
Might not be the best for people who can't write in java blocks but... amazing!!!! keys no bueno u mui bueno >:D
Glad you like it. If you have any request just join the discord server :)



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