HCF/FACTIONS MAP (Volcanos) 6400x6400 HIGH QUALITY Fixed WP issue

Hcf or factions map for server
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faction map factions hcf hcf map
This is a custom WorldPainter Map (ONCE YOU BUY IT, YOU WILL RECEIVE A WORLDPAINTER FILE THAT YOU HAVE TO EXPORT INTO THE INGAME MAP "takes 3 steps" if you need help with this feel free to contact me)

The map has around 6 biomes with custom trees and objects that come together really good. The map has increased ores by twice and worldpainter caves all over! It also has SPAWNERS! The size is 6400x6400
If you have any questions add me on discord at: Matilaina [Mati]#2201
or contact me thru Starfish Studios: https://discord.io/StarfishStudios

The map album is:

the map file is too heavy to upload in mcmarket! that's why you get a WP file
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  1. ✨HCF/FACTIONS MAP (Volcanos) 6400x6400 ✨ HIGH QUALITY

    Custom terrain issue solved.

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Resource initially wasn't generating properly so I messaged Matilaina and they sorted me right out. This map is HUGE and absolutely HIGH QUALITY! I look forward to working with you again in the future.
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