AngelSProtection (Bungee/Bukkit) ~ More than Just Protecting Plugin!, its Necessary Plugin to have! 1.0 (BETA)

Anti Crash/Exploits/Netty Exploits, Console Filter, Block CMDs, Plugins Protect, HandleSystem, &More
Full Security Core (Bungee/Bukkit) ~ Anti Crash/Exploit, Console Spam Filter, Block CMDs, and More!! 1.0

Anti Crash/Exploit, Console Spam Fix/Filter, Block CMDs, Packet Limit, Custom MSGs, More!


About Text Here.
Hello, the plugin still under Developing, there is only the BETA Version of it now, more things going to be added SOON, and so more cool stuff will be added soon as well, i hope you all send me your Suggestions in Suggestions Room on Discord:
( i will Write the Real About Text later maybe xD <3 ).


you can see the Feautues from inside the server that using the plugin by typing: /aspinfo
some of the Plugin Feautues:~
┃-- Bukkit ~ Spigot Feautues:

1- Anti ALL Jesscia Explotis.
2- Anti ALL Jigsaw and Similar Explotis.
3- Anti ALL SkillClient Explotis.
4- Anti ALL CheatMine Explotis.
5- Anti ALL SigmaClient Explotis.
6- Anti ALL CrasherClient Explotis.
7- Anti ALL ConceitClient Explotis.
8- Anti ALL YSK Explotis.
9- Anti ALL Vioma Explotis.
10- Anti ALL Wurst Explotis.
11- Anti many Private Crash Clients.
12- Anti Position/move/chunk Crash
13- Anti ShulkerBox Crashs.
14- Anti invaild Data/items Crashs.
15- Anti Commands Crash.
16- Anti Books Crash.
17- Anti Signs Crash.
18- Anti Skulls Crash.
19- Anti Symbols Crash.
20- Anti Chat Crash.
21- Anti Blocks Crash.
22- Anti Slots Crash.
23- Anti Window Crash.
24- Anti WindowClick Crash.
25- Anti Bad Packets Crash.
26- Anti Null Items Crash.
27- Anti Null Packets Crash.
28- Anti BadItems Crash.
29- Anti BadItems Names Crash.
30- Anti BadItems Enchants Crash.
31- Anti BadItems Tags Crash.
32- Anti Items Duplication Hacks.
33- Anti UUID Spoof Hacks.
34- Anti Null IPAddress Hacks.
35- Anti Fake IPAddress Hacks.
36- Anti TAB Complete for Blocked CMDs.
37- Anti Plugins Show by TAB.
38- Anti Plugins Show by Clients.
39- Anti Patches Crash.
40- Fix TAB Complete Issues.
41- Fully Plugins Hide.
42- Custom TAB-Complete Manger.
43- Custom PayLoad.
44- Custom Packets Limiter.
45- Custom Block(Disable) Commands.
46- Custom Bukkit Console Filter.
47- Custom Bukkit Console Spam Fix.
48- BungeeChannels, Numbers Spam Fix.
49- Thorough Items Fix (ItemFixer).
50- Fix few Plugman Crashs, Bugs/Glicths.
51- Custom ItemBan and Manage.
52- Custom NBT Manager.
53- Fully Configurable, Permissions.
54- Custom Join/Leave MSG.
55- Fully Bukkit/Spigot Command Disabling.
56- Custom Command List Punish for Each Action.
0- ContactUS for more Feautues..
0- More Coming SOON. . .

┃-- Bungee ~ Proxy Forks Feautues:
1- Anti some Explotis of Above.
2- Anti Netty Explotis.
3- Anti BotAttacks Bungee Crash.
4- Anti Consone/Logs Crash (HardPressure).
5- Anti Bungee/Bukkit Plugins Show..
6- Custom Bungee Handle System.
7- Custom Bungee Payload and Fix.
8- Custom CMDs Enable/Disable in Certain Servers..
9- Custom CMDs Enable/Disable in whole Server..
10- Custom Bungee Console Filter.
11- Custom Bungee Console Spam Fix.
12- Premade Filter Keywords include.
0- More Coming SOON. . .


/ASPinfo - no permission
Aliases: none
Description: /ASPinfo is a command to show you some info about the plugin like the features and commands and permissions, etc.

/ASPcc - asprotection.clearchat
Aliases: none
Description: /ASPcc is a command that sending about 250 Blank Lines in the chat with the name of who cleared the chat, sometimes it requires the permission: (bukkit.broadcast) to work without any issues. (this command is just for no reason, but i thought it could be a good thing to add maybe xD <3 ).

/ASPccc - asprotection.clearconsole
Aliases: none
Description: /ASPccc is a command that sending about 250 Blank Lines in the Console of the Server Only with the name of who sent the CMD. (this command is just for no reason, but i thought it could be a good thing to add maybe xD <3 ).

/SOON - no permission
Aliases: none
Description: SOON.




  • Step1: Stop Your Server then add the plugin to plugins folder
  • Step2: Restart Your Server
  • Step3: Open "AngelSProtection" Folder then open "config.yml" File
  • Step4: Add Your License Key between '' Example > LicenseKey: 'ABCDEFGHIJKLMN12345'
  • Step5: save the config.yml file and exit from it
  • Step6: restart the server again, then stop it
  • Step7: check all the configs files Carefully and edit only the things you know and sure about them, leave everything as default if you dont know what is it.
  • Step8: now you can Start the Server, and Enjoy the Plugin.
Note: Contact me on Discord or Telegram to have your LicenseKey
Note: After add the License Key between '' and Start the Server, the Config will Automatic changes, and License key will Looks like ( LicenseKey: ABCDEFGHIJKLMN12345 )
So Please Be Sure that you are Closing the Config.yml file everytime you save file and want to test the Edits.



Telegram Channel: @mcangels
instagram: @yt_ahmed
Discord: ! AhmdQ#0520
Telegram: @yt_ahmed

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