Atlantis Setups DeluxeTags Config w/ ~30 TagsCustom DeluxeMenu | 2.0

This config features clean and attractive tags with a custom, functional gui.


This resource which comes with ~30 tags will give your players a reason to donate or something to work towards. These tags will also enhance your server's chat and look good to new players. Because the default DeluxeTags plugin comes with an uncustomizable and quite bland gui, we decided to include a custom gui through the DeluxeMenus plugin. The custom gui includes a square barrier and an informational open at the bottom. You can view it below.



No access.gif




The two plugins required for this to work are DeluxeMenus and DeluxeTags. Both are free plugins and will be included in the download. A list with the tags and their specific permissions are included in the download as well. The other permissions required are:


The gui will allow players to see all the tags even when they do not have access to them. They can only select tags that they have the permission nodes to.


Atlantis Setups provides support for all of our resources through our official Discord. If you have any questions through any stages of purchasing or installing our resources we have a support team that is readily available.

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