Gold Economy Plugin Makes your economy Gold ingots. 50% off for the first 2 purchases! 1.0

Minecraft gold ingot economy plugin. just like old McTeams used to have! 1.8 - 1.16
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gold economy gold ingot economy item based economy
Its a pretty simple plugin. It allows you to create a economy based on gold ingots. this is perfect for survival servers or a new type of skyblock/factions servers. cant wait to see what you guys use this for!
This is just like old MCTeams used to have!
Please send me a message if you use this so i can add the ip here.
This plugin uses Vault so it will work with every plugin that uses vault, like guishop,auctionhouse, crazycrates and pretty much every plugin that has anything to do with economy.

/bank - Shows commands.
/Deposit (amount/all) - Deposits gold into the bank.
/withdraw (amount) - Withdraws gold from the bank.
/balance - Shows your balance.


And yes every message is fully customizable, including the prefix!
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