SuperiorPrison The first ever prison core! Backpacks & Bombs! 0.2.3-Beta

Optimized, features packed prison core.
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SuperiorPrison is an all-in-one prison core, first of it's kind! Rankups, mines, prestiges, shops and lots of perks are inside! The core is optimized and it's designed to fit your needs.





• We're in 2020 and you're still not using a prison core?
No one today is carrying on them a separate camera, a separate phone device and a separate music listening device. Smartphones have all of them in - so SuperiorPrison is your smartphone, and the separate devices are the rankups, prestiges, mines, shops, backpacks, auto sell, auto... you got the point.
• Making dozens of mines in no time!
What do the followings have all in common? Taking a selfie, liking a post on Facebook, uploading a story with friends, making a mine area with SuperiorPrison; The answer is obvious... They all can be done in less than 10 seconds! All you need to do is to click 4 blocks, and boom - you have full mine setup with protections and everything! The protections on us, the builds on you.
• Fully synced systems.
As I stated before, the plugin brings lots of systems together. Before SuperiorPrison, you had to install 10 or more plugins for a simple setup of your prison plugin. However, by installing the plugin you can get all of your needings for the server, all synced and work flawlessly together. I told you that we're the smartphone of the prison servers industry.
• Cells and plots are included... right?
I have a confession to make. The plugin doesn't include a plots system nor a cell system. For plots, there are many great and free plugins out there, and trying to make our own system is just a waste of time. And cells? Well, we thought about it, but we don't want to make a replica of SuperiorSkyblock, and you don't want the plugin to be more expensive.
• The best support you can get.
Are you also tired of the complicated ticket-systems that require you to fill huge forms instead of getting straight to the point? Then you can take a deep breath, as we don't have one. We have a really modern and efficient ticket system that is handled on our Discord Server! All you have to do is verify (fully-automated verification system), click on an icon - and you have a one-on-one conversion with me and the team!
• Still not convinced? It's a baby-plugin, but give it a try!
250 have already chosen SuperiorPrison as their prison solution, and the number only goes up! It's only in the beta and we've already reached 250 customers, and we aim to get the prison servers industry back to the top again!

1. Refunds are only given if you request it within 24 hours after purchase.
2. Distribution of this product is not allowed!

Crediting original
Brian. (OOP-778)

Latest updates

  1. Bug Fixes, new data module & more!

    Changes: • Changed Due to 5 databases support, made so database drivers & dependencies are...
  2. [v0.2.2-Beta] 1.16.4 support, bug fixes & more!

    Changes: • Added 1.16.4 support • Fixed items not sold in shops when the price is lower than 1...
  3. [v0.2.1-Beta] TokenEnchants support, menu updater & more!

    Changes: • Added full support for TokenEnchants • Added menu updater • Added mine rewards •...

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The best prison plugin I've ever used. It was super easy to setup, use, and the author is also super nice. Would 100% recommend buying.
Great plugin, have so much features and its really optimized and the developer is very nice and active and helping you with all what you need all the time, +1
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