Right click a book and claim your rank!

Rank book is a plugin that allows you to claim your donor ranks with ez! Here is a video tutorial on how to use everything, and how to setup the config!
Video -
Proof I can resell it, and I have all rights to this plugins - https://gyazo.com/6a4db4ed7f599c4be5a95e472750a77f

- /rb (Main command)
- /rb give >player_name< (Rank_Name)
- /rb resendall (Re-Send all the ranks people have claimed so no one ever loses their ranks!)

- rb.claim (This needs added to all groups you want to be able to right click the book to claim their rank!)

Make sure to watch the video for how to set everything up! Hope you all enjoy this plugins!

I will be selling many copies of this, so go crazy! :p


name: '&4Test'
- '&eRight click this to redeem your &7Test Rank&e!'
- ebc &8%player% &credeemed their &7Test Rank&c!
- pex user %player% group add Test


rb-give: '&c/RB Give'
rb-reload: '&c/RB Reload'
rb-resend: '&cRB ResendAll'

Please make sure you leave some feedback on the plugin! Also, leave Rating as well! Thanks, and I hope you all enjoy!

Give a HUGE shoutout to Shadow for making this plugin! He is the sole creator of it! :p
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