ColouredMOTD v1.1.2

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Change the Multiplayer serverlist MOTD of your server with multiple additional features!
This is a pretty simple plugin as of right now, but because I could not find one that I liked I made one of my own and thought I would share it to all those other people out there looking for a plugin.


%n% - All text after this goes onto the second line of the MOTD.
%p% - Replaces this with the players in-game name.
%ip% - Replaces this with the players IP.
%sn% - Will get replaced with whatever is set in the
%ops% - How many people are currently online (not including people in vanish).
%mps% - How many players can your server hold.


This plugin currently only has 1 command, it has multiple arguments with it, the command(s) are:
/cmotd show - will show what the MOTD is currently set to.
/cmotd reload - Will reload the plugin's config.
/cmotd set <message> - will set the MOTD to what is in the message.


Each command requires the permission cmotd.admin to be used!


# ColouredMOTD By AliumCraft v1.1

# Placeholders:
# %n% - Use if you want to use the second line on your MOTD.
# %p% - Replaces this with the players in-game name.
# %ip% - Replaces this with the players IP.
# %sn% - replaces this with the ServerName set in
# %ops% - shows how many people are online.
# %mps% - shows how many people the server can hold.

MOTD: '&6&lPut your MOTD &n%&5&lHere!'

  Reload: '&8[&6ColouredMOTD&8] &7Reloaded successfully!'
  Invalid-Args: '&8[&6ColouredMOTD&8] &cNot enough args! Use &4/cmotd help &cfor more information!'
  MOTD-Set: '&8[&6ColouredMOTD&8] &7The MOTD has been set! Please use &8/cmotd show &7to view it!'


- If you have any other ideas please leave them in the discussion section, thanks! :D

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  1. Resource Page Icon Update

    Updated the images on the front page so they now work. Thanks, ~AliumCraft.

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Awesome! Colored MOTD' are pretty cool and recommended I love this plugin!! Keep up the good work!
Thanks! :)
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