[MC1.7+] TpoBlock [Java7+] v1.0.0

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A plugin used to disable the tpo ability to selected players, good for staff and youtubers!
I created this plugin because I hated it when people would TP to me while I was in my base or recording videos. This plugin will block anyone that is on the list from being tpo'd to, or tpohere'd.


/tpo <player> [otherplayer] - Teleports you to the player, or teleports the selected player to the other player.
/tpohere <player> - Teleports the selected player to you.
/tpoblock list - Shows the list of all the people that have tpo disabled.
/tpoblock add [name] - Adds the selected player to the list of players that have TPO blocked.
/tpoblock remove [name] - Removes the selected player from the TPO list, if they are on it.


tpo.admin - Access to the /tpoblock command block.
essentials.tpo - Access to the /tpo command.
essentials.tpohere - Access to the /tpohere command.

  NoPermission: '&4You do not have access to this command.'
  ConsoleError: '&cError: &4Only players can use this command.'
  Teleporting: '&6Teleporting...'
  PlayerNotFound: '&cError: &4Player not found.'
  CannotTeleport: '&cError: &4You cannot teleport to this player.'
  TPO: '&6{tper} &6teleported you to {tped}&6.'
  Override: '&fTeleport override for tptoggle.'
  TPOArgs: /tpo <player> [otherplayer]
  TPOHereArgs: /tpohere <player>
  ListAdd: '&bTPOBlock &5>> &7Added &f{name} &7to the tpoblock list.'
  ListRemove: '&bTPOBlock &5>> &7Removed &f{name} &7from the tpoblock list.'
  ListContains: '&cError: &4The TPOBlock list already contains that player.'
  ListNotContain: '&cError: &4The TPOBlock list doesnt contain that player.'
- Pexxy
- AliumCraft
- TheCraftPickachu
- Charlie4Dayz
- Dr_Dino_
- Perushi
- Aarash
Prefix: '&6People who have TPO blocked: '
Format: '&7{name}'
Divider: ', '

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    Updated the images on the front page so they now work. Thanks, ~AliumCraft.
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