[1.7-1.18] GuardHexa - FULL Protection Against Exploits, AntiBot, AntiProxy, 800k+ blocked proxy 0.18

HexaCord with fixed 1.7-1.8 issues and 100% protection against exploits!
GuardHexa is HexaCord fork focused on STABILITY and SMOOTH gameplay. GuardHexa guarantees 100% protection against exploits and a guarantee of repaired 1.7 bugs

Have your players ever complained about disconnecting from the server with the reason "Proxy Lost Connection?"
Is your server attacked by
exploits including "null ping" / "netty exploit" and other methods that destabilize the server?
Do you need to ensure your players
STABILITY and SMOOTH gameplay without disconnecting through errors with version 1.7?

If you answered YES to at least one question - GuardHexa is certainly the product you are looking for!

Check out my other products like GuardSpigot or GuardProxy!


  • 100% patch for issues with disconnecting 1.7-1.8 players (Proxy Lost Connection)
  • Patch 1.7 bugs like Invisibility Bug
  • Fix all the Netty/Ping/Handshake exploits! So you don't need any other stuff against it!
  • Country filtering and IP Whitelist - if someone need to join from blocked country you can whitelist him by command!
  • Blacklist configuration - During an attack attempt the IP address of the attacker will be blocked for a period set in the config)
  • Own daily updated list of blocked proxy servers (around 800k daily!!!)
  • Proxy detection - scan incoming connection to detect suspicious ip address
  • Anti VPN - check incoming connection for being hidden behind the VPN connection
  • Blacklist names - Option for blacklist names like mcstorm, mcspam, mcdrop etc bots joining from this IP address will be blocked permamently
  • Empty world verification - Option to detect human behavior in empty world (scanning will be around 2-3 seconds)
  • Optimization - Runs faster
  • Clear appearance
  • Friendly and helpful support :)
blacklistTime: 5
notifications: true
cutProxy: false
detectProxy: true
detectProxyMessage: |-
Proxy detected!
Contat with administrator discord: example#1234
- PL
- DE
- GB
limitPerIPAddress: false
limitPerIPAddressAmount: 3
antibotPing: false
antibotPingCache: 60
antibotPingKickMessage: You need to ping server before join!
antivpn: false
proxycheckKey: none
detectedKickMessage: VPN detected!
checking: '&cVerifying your connection...'
passed: '&aYour connection is okay!'
countryFilter: false
connectServerInfo: true
disconnectServerInfo: true
pingMessage: '&aYour ping is %ping% ms.'
pingMessageOtherPlayer: '&a%player% ping is %ping% ms.'
checker: true
kickMessage: §¯\_(ツ)_/¯
- mcspam
- mcdrop
- bot
- spambot
- mcstorm
- spammer
- spam
- mcbot
stop: false
verify: false
failKick: '&aYou''re not verified as human!'
config-version: 9






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Latest updates

  1. log4j2 apache remote code execution paperspigot fix

    Fix log4j2 apache remote code execution (RCE) in paperspigot/spigot
  2. Minecraft 1.18 release support

    Minecraft 1.18 release support
  3. GuardHexa statistics and guardhexa command

    Options to see all statistics during using guardhexa like in screen below

Latest reviews

excellent attention from the developer, good product
Man's really active and fixes bugs under a day if reported 100% recommended
So guys i used it 3 mought in a row and wanna say that it the best fork on a market https://paste.helpch.at/imiyiwuhol.makefile
Very good engine, I recommend it heartily!
The best I have ever used. I RECOMMEND
finally a good update
Works good job!!111!
Works amazing! Developer offers insane support and more! Huge vouch for anybody looking at purchasing a this plugin for their server Minecraft! I fully recommend this plugin! It is the best proxy.
1. Support 5/5.
2. Functionality 5/5.
3. Consumption 5/5.
4. Editable 5/5.
Perfect. Just perfect.

Excelent job, performs great and hella works! The dev himself is really friendly and helpful.
Very good job.
I recommend this product.
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