[HQ] xPayments | A Discord based Payment System 4.1.0

xPayments - A discord payments bot
xPayments - 4.1.0
The leading payments bot on the market.

What is xPayments?
xPayments is a discord bot which allows you to take real, professional paypal payments directly from your discord server!

How does it work?
xPayments uses PayPal's Checkout v2 API allowing you to generate professional payment links directly from your discord server!

What are the requirements?
Too run xPayments you need a VPS or hosting provider to ensure a smooth experience. We recommend you purchase a VPS to also ensure it runs smoothly.

How much does it cost?
xPayments is designed to be a cheap reliable bot. That's why the price is only 4.29 EUR, allowing you to get more for less.

Do you sell the Source Code?
As of recently, I will offer source code to the bot! Source Code will cost you 16.29 EUR.

Latest updates

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  2. xPayments 4.0.0

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Latest reviews

This guy is amazing. It's a simple product but so easy to use.
He is really friendly and helped me a lot
<3, if it wasn't for you 4.0.0 wouldn't be coming
work good :) Excellent Bot
Thanks Keys.Spotfy! I'm glad the bot works well, and you think its excellent! Remember if you ever need any support please hit me up on Discord (Akash_#3325), and I'll be more than happy to help you out.

~ Akash
Excellent bot. Works as described, had an issue but Akash helped me solve in seconds, would recommend to anyone who wants to create payments in a fancy way
Thanks ChickinDinner! I'm glad you like the bot!
would like to see PayPal webhooks implemented instead but 5/5 for both developer and bot
Hey, :) PayPal web-hooks should be coming soon, we're working on more methods to ensure the clients are happy.

Furthermore, the current system works well - but if and when hosting on Heroku, there may be some issues for trying to confirm payments with our current express.js system.

I'm working for a Web Panel for the bot currently, as well as a better user interface for clients - so they can easilly understand what they are buying.

Please, if you have any suggestions for the bot let me know and I'll add them in - this applies to everyone not just you. Suggestions really help us develop more innovative features.

Thanks for buying the PayPal invoice bot and we hope you enjoy Ivan!

~ Akash
Great Product. Works perfectly.
Thanks for the review! Im glad you enjoy the bot :)
Easy to use, Easy to setup.
Works like a charm.
Exciting to see the PayPal payment notifications as an upcoming feature!
Thanks for the review! Glad to here you enjoyed it!
Looking good! Bought it because its a cheap one and thought it will maybe raise in price later.
I am not using it right now but will use in the future!
Thanks for making this!
Thank you so much for the review :) I really appreciate you being the first one to buy my resource! In the future I'll be adding way more features :)
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