InfiniteBuckets [1.8 - 1.15] 1.0.3

Allow your players to use the same water or lava bucketfor a small fee
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InfiniteBuckets [1.8-1.15]
This plugin allows your players to use the same bucket multiple times for a small fee. Please note that this plugin requires Vault.

  • Players can use one Water or Lava Bucket multiple times.
  • Each time they use the bucket they will be charged the price in the config

  • /infinitebuckets- Main command
  • /infinitebuckets give <player> <water/lava> - Gives the player provided a Infinite Water or Lava Bucket
  • /infinitebuckets toggle - Toggles the use notitications in chat when placing a bucket
  • /infinitebuckets reload - Reloads the Config

  • infinitebuckets.use - Ability to place a Infinite Water Bucket
  • infinitebuckets.give - Ability to give Infinite Water Buckets
  • infinitebuckets.toggle - Ability to toggle bucket use notifications
  • infinitebuckets.reload - Ability to reload the config.yml

# <-------------------------------------->------<--------------------------------------> #
#                                    InfiniteBuckets
#                                  Created by Dreewww
# Discord: Anndrew#3417
# Support Server:
# <-------------------------------------->------<--------------------------------------> #

prefix: '&4&lInfinite Buckets &7┃ '
must-be-player: '&cMust be a player to run this command'
no-permission: '&cNo Permission'
reload: '&aConfig.yml Successfully Reloaded!'
  - ''
  - '&4&lInfiniteBuckets'
  - '&7/infinitebucket give <player> water &7- &fGives a water bucket'
  - '&7/infinitebucket give <player> lava &7- &fGives a lava bucket'
  - '&7/infinitebucket reload &7- &fReloads the config.yml'
  - ''
not-enough-money: '&cYou need $%PRICE% to use a Infinite Bucket.'
give-usage: '&7/infinitebucket give <water/lava> <player>'
give-invalid-player: '&cThe player %PLAYER% isn''t online.'
give-invalid-bucket: '&cPlease specify an infinite Water or Lava bucket.'
give-success-sender: '&7You sent &c%PLAYER% &7a %ITEM%.'
give-success-target: '&7You received a %ITEM% &7from &c%PLAYER%&7.'

  enabled: true
  message: '&c&l-$%PRICE%'
  toggled-on: '&aYou will now see the Infinite Bucket use notifications.'
  toggled-off: '&cYou will no longer see the Infinite Bucket use notifications.'

  price: 500 # Put 0 to disable water bucket use cost
  material: WATER_BUCKET
  data: 0
  name: '&cInfinite Water Bucket'
  glowing: true
    - '&7Right click to place a Water Bucket'
    - ''
    - '&4&l* &fPrice: &a$%PRICE% &7per use'
    - ''
  price: 100 # Put 0 to disable lava bucket use cost
  material: LAVA_BUCKET
  data: 0
  name: '&cInfinite Lava Bucket'
  glowing: true
    - '&7Right click to place a Lava Bucket'
    - ''
    - '&4&l* &fPrice: &a$%PRICE% &7per use'
    - ''

Need Support? Please join my Discord server by clicking the logo above or use this link:

Latest updates

  1. Switched name to InfiniteBuckets and added a Infinite Lava Bucket

    Switched name to InfiniteBuckets and added a Infinite Lava Bucket
  2. 1.0.2

    Added an option to the config to disable the water bucket use notifications. If the price for...
  3. 1.0.1

    Added /infinitewaterbucket toggle so players can toggle the message in chat when they use a...

Latest reviews

Friendly developer, and very cheap!
Love this plugin. Works perfectly and is an awesome crate / store reward. With his latest update you can make it infinitely free to use, or balance it by making it cost $ each use. Lots of configuration options (disabling pay notifications, etc) 10/10.
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