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Most useful crate plugin for your server!

Chest Prize - Most useful Case plugin for your server!

With this plugin, you can create different crates on your server. All gui items, requiriments, cooldowns, crate contents and many other settings can be changed in Admin Menu. Also, all messages can be changed in config.yml.

If you get case, the chest will be spawned near you with certain items and you can open chest and loot items.



/prize [menu] - opens gui!
/prize setcooldown [first/second/third] <number> - to set cooldown for specific cases
/prize removechest [on/off] - to activate or deactivate removing spawned chests after looting items
/prize openwithkey [on/off] - to activate or deactivate opening chests with key or permission.
/prize givekey [name of case] [player's name] - to give a key to a player!
/prize reload - reloads config!
prize.admin - All Admin commands
prize.first - To open first case!
prize.second - To open second case!
prize.third - To open third case!


prefix: '&8[&aChest&2Prize&8]'

#You can change cooldowns per cases. You have to enter cooldowns with seconds. In-game it will be converted to HH/MM/SS format!

cooldown_first: 21600
cooldown_second: 21600
cooldown_third: 21600

#Here you can change names of chests.

First_Case_Name: '&5&lGOLD'
Second_Case_Name: '&f&lIRON'
Third_Case_Name: '&b&lDIAMOND'

#And, here you can change items of GUI. Note: you can not use space, instead you have to use _ symbol

First_Item_Material: GOLD_INGOT
Second_Item_Material: IRON_INGOT
Third_Item_Material: DIAMOND

#Requiriment can be "permission" or "key". If you set it to "permission", player will be able to open the certain case with certain permission. Otherwise, if you set it to "key", player will be able to open the case with the keys.

requiriment: key

#You can turn on/off removing chests after looting. If you set it to "true", chests will be removed automatically after looting items.

remove_chest_after_looting: true

#You can change all messages as you want!

  Permission_Message: '&cYou do not have permission to do it.'
  You_Cannot_Break_Block: '&cYou can not break this chest! Open it and get items,
    then it will be removed automatically.'
  Loot_Chest: '&aYou looted the chest!'
  Location_Error: '&cYour location is not appropriate to get the chest!'''
  Cooldown_Message: '&cYou can get it after %left%'
  Requiries_Key: '&cYou need %case% &cto open it!'

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Latest updates

  1. Minor Update

    Minor bugs fixed!
  2. Config Update

    - Some config saving errors were fixed! - New effects and particles will be added, stand by for...
  3. Chest Spawn Update!

    Players will not be able to spawn another chest before looting current chest!


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