Professional Thread Design Sleek Blue Theme 1.1

A professionally designed Thread template for the purpose of advertising your products and services.
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Thread Design

Sleek Blue Theme

Professionally designed Thread template with the sole purpose of providing the community with the ability to present and advertise their products and services in a professional manner without having to waste time creating their own.


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Additional Information

This template comes in a .PSD format therefore can only be accessed and edited via photoshop. However, in the event that you require some assistance or would like me to personally edit it with the appropriate information that you'll provide me with then I'd be happy to, however this will come at an additional cost which can be discussed via discord or McMarket DM's.


If you have a personal request or commission then I'd be happy to talk further with you. Feel free to message myself and we can discuss further.


Discord - Kronuside#0001
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    Updated resource file due to it being the wrong uploaded file.
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