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Clean and Simple MythicMobs Configuration.

Latest updates

  1. 5 New Mob Types for 1.16+

    I have now added the following types of mobs to the list and to be safe I have made the new list...
  2. Fixing README file

    Forgot to update the README.txt that helps with using this configuration.
  3. Now Supporting 1.8-1.16.1! and minor bug fixes

    This configuration is now supporting 1.16.1! Also fixed some spelling errors that made some...

Latest reviews

Nice Configurations!!!
Thanks for the Review!
It is just 1 mob and copy and paste with different color of armor. All mobs without skills. All items are different color of armor. Don't buy!
Hi kit8379, sorry you are unhappy, but this was shown in the resource post. You can open a conversation with me if you like to discuss this further.
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