SupremePatches | All-In-One Patches 1.6.2

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Various options most factions servers want! Useful, Configurable, Lightweight.
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Options Include,
  • Disabling EndPortals
  • Disabling Enderman/Blaze Drowning
  • Disabling Ice/Snow Melting
  • Disabling Weather
  • Disabling Spawners Burning/Exploding ( The Dropped Entity)
  • Disabling Withers unless spawned in a whitelisted world
  • Disabling Spawner Placing
  • If you deal over 2.5 Hearts to a Blaze they get one shot.
  • Disabling being able to get Punch enchant when enchanting a bow
  • Disabling being able to get Knockback enchant when enchanting a sword
  • Disabling being able to self-bow boost
  • Disabling ArmorStands/ItemFrames and being able to interact with them
  • Fix being able to infinitely print/farm cane without moving.
  • Configurable cooldowns for Golden Apples, God Apples, and EnderPearls

All these options can be enabled or disabled in the config.

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  NoBlazeDrown: true
  NoEndermanDrown: true
  NoEndermanTP: true
  NoSpawnerBurn: true
  NoSpawnerExplode: true
  BlazeOneShot: true
  NoEndPortalTP: true
  NoWeather: true
  NoMelting: true
  NoSpawnerPlace: false
  # Must be true if you want the world whitelist to work, if false it won't touch withers at all.
  HandleWithers: true

  # Cooldowns are in MS, 1000MS = 1 Second
  ### / EnderPearls \ ###
  EnderPearls: true
  EnderPearlCD: 16000
  ### / Golden Apples \ ###
  GoldenApples: true
  GoldenAppleCD: 10000
  ### / God Apples \ ###
  GodApples: true
  GodAppleCD: 60000

  NoBowBoost: true
  NoPunchEnchants: true
  NoKnockbackEnchants: true

  ### / Armor Stands \ ###
  NoArmorStands: true
  ArmorStandInteract: true
  ### / Item Frames \ ###
  NoItemFrames: true
  ItemFrameInteract: true
  ### / Sugar Cane \ ###
  NoCaneStack: true

# Worlds that withers are allowed to spawn in, leave blank for none.
  - 'wither_allowed_world'
  - 'wither_allowed_world2'

  PunchRemoved: "&8[&cSP&8] &fPunch enchant removed from your item!"
  KnockbackRemoved: "&8[&cSP&8] &fKnockback enchant removed from your item!"

  SpawnerPlaceDeny: "&8[&cSP&8] &fYou cannot currently place spawners!"
  NoArmorStands: "&8[&cSP&8] &fArmor Stands are disabled!"
  NoItemFrames: "&8[&cSP&8] &fItem Frames are disabled!"
  NoBoats: "&8[&cSP&8] &fBoats are disabled!"
  NoCaneStacking: "&8[&cSP&8] &fYou cannot stack Sugarcane!"

  GoldenAppleCD: "&8[&cSP&8] &fUnable to consume another for, &c{goldencooldown} &fseconds."
  GodAppleCD: "&8[&cSP&8] &fUnable to consume another for, &c{godcooldown} &fseconds."
  EnderPearlCD: "&8[&cSP&8] &fUnable to throw another for, &c{pearlcooldown} &fseconds."

- SP.GodApple ~ Exempts player from getting a Cooldown
- SP.GoldenApple ~ Exempts player from getting a Cooldown
- SP.EnderPearl ~ Exempts player from getting a Cooldown

Small plugin made by a learning developer (Lone____Wolf), this plugin is not representative of our premium plugins sold privately.

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very good plugin, nice
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Thanks, suggestions are always welcome ;)
Works exactly as it is supposed to, have been using this on our server for a while now.
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