zTournament [1.7 - 1.16] The best pvp tournament plugin

Fully automatic pvp tournament plugin

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  • Unlimited Arena
  • All types of duel (1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 20v20, ...)
  • Multi-arena system (there can be several duels in a single arena)
  • Unlimited Kit
  • Reward according to the position of the team
  • Fully automatic
  • /tournament create \<team name> - Create a team (ztournament.team.create)
  • /tournament join \<team name> - Join a team (ztournament.team.join)
  • /tournament invite \<player> - Invite a player to your team (ztournament.team.invite)
  • /tournament leave - Leave your team (ztournament.team.leave)
  • /tournament version - Show plugin's version
  • /tournament arena \<loc> - Create an arena (ztournament.arena)
  • /tournament delete \<uuid> - Delete an arena (ztournament.delete)
  • /tournament list - Show an arena (ztournament.arena.show)
  • /tournament setlobby - Set lobby's position (ztournament.setlobby)
  • /tournament stop - Shop a tournament (ztournament.stop)
  • /tournament wave - Start next wave (ztournament.wave)
  • /tournament start \<type> \<kit name> - Start tournament (ztournament.start)
  • /tournament reload - Reload the plugin (ztournament.reload)
  • /tournament kit - Show kit commands (ztournament.kit.use)
  • /tournament kit list- Show kit list (ztournament.kit.use)
  • /tournament kit show \<name> - Show kit content (ztournament.kit.use)
  • /tournament kit create \<name> - Create an empty kit (ztournament.kit.use)
  • /tournament kit edit \<name> - Edit a kit (ztournament.kit.use)
  • /tournament kit delete \<name> - Edit a kit (ztournament.kit.use)

The plugin is used on the Onoria server, here are some videos of players who are in a tournament.


Tournament tournament = getProvider(Tournament.class);[/FONT]

[FONT=Courier New]protected <T> T getProvider(Class<T> classz) {
   RegisteredServiceProvider<T> provider = getServer().getServicesManager().getRegistration(classz);
   if (provider == null)
       return null;
   return provider.getProvider() != null ? (T) provider.getProvider() : null;

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Latest updates

  1. Fix sound with ProtocolLib

    Fix sound with ProtocolLib
  2. [] Add protocol lib support

    Added lib protocol support to remove potions and pearls Added the ability to enable item drop
  3. 1.17 Support

    1.17 Support

Latest reviews

Very good plugin but the arena system could be improved due to the fact that it has some difficulty in creating it. You could now add a /set arena1 and /setarena2.
Thanks for your review, I will surely change the system to make it simpler ^^ ^
Used it on my test server To try it and 0 issues and it’s the best feature for a faction server!
thx for review :D
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