ElementalTokens [1.8-1.17] API, Token Shop, Rewards, and More! v1.1.0

The #1 Tokens plugin on the market!

The #1 Tokens plugin on the market!

ElementalTokens is a custom currency based off "Tokens", which can be obtained through mining blocks! This currency can be used to purchase exclusive items and rewards from the Token Shop!

Perfect for Prison and Skyblock servers!



Automatically redeem tokens:

Withdraw tokens:

Give tokens:

Add tokens to a player's account:

Remove tokens from a player's account:

Set the amount of tokens in a player's account:

Display the top 10 token balances:

Commands and Permissions:


  Command: All default token commands
  Permission: elementaltokens.default
  Description: Access all default token commands

  Command: /tokens balance
  Permission: elementaltokens.balance
  Description: View your own token balance

  Command: /tokens balance <Player>
  Permission: elementaltokens.balance.others
  Description: View another player's token balance

  Command: /tokens shop
  Permission: elementaltokens.shop
  Description: Access the Token Shop

  Command: /tokens withdraw <Amount>
  Permission: elementaltokens.withdraw
  Description: Withdraw tokens from your balance

  Command: /tokens pay <Player> <Amount>
  Permission: elementaltokens.pay
  Description: Send payments of tokens to another player

  Command: /tokens top
  Description: Display the top 10 token balances

  Command: /tokens version
  Description: View the current version of the plugin


  Command: All default and admin token commands
  Permission: elementaltokens.admin
  Description: Access all default and admin token commands

  Command: /tokens give <Player> <Amount>
  Permission: elementaltokens.admin
  Description: Give a player the physical token item

  Command: /tokens add <Player> <Amount>
  Permission: elementaltokens.admin
  Description: Add tokens to a player's account

  Command: /tokens remove <Player> <Amount>
  Permission: elementaltokens.admin
  Description: Remove tokens from a player's account

  Command: /tokens set <Player> <Amount>
  Permission: elementaltokens.admin
  Description: Set the amount of tokens a player has

  Command: /tokens reload
  Permission: elementaltokens.admin
  Description: Reload the configuration files





//To access the API, simply put the following code in your Main class

private TokenAPI tokenAPI;
public TokenAPI getTokenAPI() {
    if (tokenAPI == null) {
        ElementalTokens tokens = (ElementalTokens) this.getServer().getPluginManager().getPlugin("ElementalTokens");
        tokenAPI = tokens.getTokenAPI();
    return tokenAPI;

TokenDropEvent | This event gets called when a player receives a token

If you have any questions or concerns about this resource, feel free to contact me via private messages or join my support discord and @ me :tup: https://discord.gg/Qqf8BfN

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Latest updates

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    Changes: Added support for 1.18.1 Added a new "withdraw-limit" feature and...
  2. v1.0.9

    Changes: - Added support for the NEW TokenAPI https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/97671/ - Added...
  3. v1.0.8

    Changes: - Token Shop menu can be opened from an alternate source now (Via Console or Opped...

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