Pickpocket 2.3

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A thieving plugin for Minecraft.
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This plugin provides another way of stealing from other players, via pick-pocketing.

How to pick-pocket
To initiate pick-pocketing, simply crouch and right-click another player.

Upon clicking the player you will be presented with the "Rummage" GUI. In this GUI you can look through the inventory contents of the player you're looking at.

While rummaging through a players inventory there is a 10% chance that will get caught, and the rummage inventory will close, alerting you and the person you're pick-pocketing.

Once you have chose then item you would like to pick-pocket, click on it and an inventory mini-game will start.

During this mini-game the item you have chosen to steal will move to a random slot in the inventory every second. You must click the item before the second expires otherwise that will count as a miss. If you miss more than twice, or click the item less than 3 times, the mini-game inventory will close and you will receive a message saying "Theft unsuccessful".

However, if you win this mini-game by clicking on the item a minimum of 3 out of 5 times, then you will receive a message saying "Theft successful", and the item you stole will get added to your inventory.

Disabling pick-pocketing for yourself
You can choose to opt out of pick-pocketing by using the command '/pickpocket toggle'. This command will prevent you from being pick-pocketed and will also prevent you from pick-pocketing.

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Latest updates

  1. Support for 1.8.x - 1.13.x, "message.yml" configuration, configs generate properly

    * Added support for 1.8.x - 1.13.x. * Added "messages.yml" where you can configure a variety of...
  2. PaperMC compatibility, mini-game stops when player moves, fix exempt and bypass commands

    Added in a player move check to make sure pick-pocketing is cancelled when a player moves Added...
  3. Crouch to pick-pocket, cooldown config, disable status messages

    Players must now crouch to pick-pocket Configure pick-pocket cool down in config.yml You can...



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