A plugin aimed at giving you the tools to improve your SkyBlock.
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skyblock utilities

UltraSkyBlock Core is a plugin that will allow you to add the following systems to your skyblock, Skills (+225 Levels Pre Configurated) skills per player that are fully editable in attributes and number of levels, Collections (+590 Levels Pre Configurated) each player collects and can improve collections, running a command for each level, Trades, you can create trades to your liking, with a cost and delivery item ArmorSystem, armor system with attributes, defense, life, strength and speed.
It has a system of mines that regenerate after a while, you can create the ones you want and with as long as you want.
You have a Fairy Souls system for collection attributos.


Easy Setup ⊳ You have a menu to configure every thing of the plugin, so the use of commands is not necessary.
Skills ⊳ You can create levels of already defined skill types, and edit rewards and add custom commands. These skills will give you attributes like DoubleLogs, DoubleOres, DoubleCrops, MoreDamage, CritChance and more.
Collections ⊳ You can create Item Collections in defined groups, with the levels you want and the amount you want per level.
Without NBT Collections ⊳ Added one thing for collections to avoid using NBT and have this interfere with items.
Trades ⊳ You can create Trades with a custom delivery item and a custom price item, in addition to being able to have several trading pages and the possibility to make an unlockable trade by permission.
ArmorSystem ⊳ You can create custom armors, with the name and lore you want, being able to set the value of each attribute.
Mines System ⊳ You can create mines of the block you want and put a regeneration countdown and set them easily.
Attributes ⊳ You have several attributes that will change the player, I will give you a list below.
ActionBar ⊳ You have a permanent action bar that will show the life, mana or defense of a player.
MySQL & SQL Lite ⊳ MySQL and SQL Lite are supported as data storage machines.
Full Editable ⊳ All messages, menus and attributes are editable, if you need more editability suggestions are accepted.
Attributes Command You have this command to manage skills attributes /skills give/remove/set <attribute> <player> <amount> the attributes types is Health, Defense, Intelligence, Strength, CritDamage, CritChance.
PerWorld Skills ⊳ You can activate certain skills in certain worlds or globally.
Unlimited Levels ⊳ You can add infinite levels, with specific quantities.
Commands Rewards ⊳ You can add commands for rewards at each level by using COMMAND:"Here's the command".
FairySouls ⊳ Fairy Souls system here you have an example image of how it works.
Pets System ⊳ You have a pet system in the style of a large network you can find more information in the pets section.
Runes System ⊳ You have a runes system in the style of a large network you can find more information in the pets section.
Disable ActionBar ⊳ You can turn off the action bar or use placeholders from other plugins.
Custom Crafts ⊳ You have a custom crafting system, which also gives you a preview of crafting.
Rarities System ⊳ You have an editable rarity system for each minecraft material, and also by aggregate type, example, Craft, Smelt, Brew and PickUp.
All SkyBlocks Supported ⊳ All skyblock plugins are supported.
Check Protection ⊳ The most well-known protection plugins are supported for anti-duplication checks.
Talismans ⊳ You have 30 types of talismans to which you can configure options, names, lores, and textures.
Custom EnchantingTable ⊳ You have the possibility to activate a custom enchantment table.
Custom CraftingTable ⊳ You have the possibility to activate a custom crafting table.
Weapon System ⊳ Now you can create custom weapons in the plugin.


    UltraSkillsAPI.getHealth(Player p);
    UltraSkillsAPI.getIntelligence(Player p);
    UltraSkillsAPI.getShield(Player p);
    UltraSkillsAPI.getForce(Player p);
    UltraSkillsAPI.getSpeed(Player p);
    UltraSkillsAPI.getCritDamage(Player p);
    UltraSkillsAPI.getCritChance(Player p);
    UltraSkillsAPI.getMana(Player p);
    UltraSkillsAPI.addHealth(Player p, int amount);
    UltraSkillsAPI.removeHealth(Player p, int amount);
    UltraSkillsAPI.setHealth(Player p, int amount);
    UltraSkillsAPI.addShield(Player p, int amount);
    UltraSkillsAPI.removeShield(Player p, int amount);
    UltraSkillsAPI.setShield(Player p, int amount);
    UltraSkillsAPI.addSpeed(Player p, int amount);
    UltraSkillsAPI.removeSpeed(Player p, int amount);
    UltraSkillsAPI.setSpeed(Player p, int amount);
    UltraSkillsAPI.addCritChance(Player p, double amount);
    UltraSkillsAPI.removeCritChance(Player p, double amount);
    UltraSkillsAPI.setCritChance(Player p, double amount);
    UltraSkillsAPI.addCritDamage(Player p, int amount);
    UltraSkillsAPI.removeCritDamage(Player p, int amount);
    UltraSkillsAPI.setCritDamage(Player p, int amount);
    UltraSkillsAPI.addForce(Player p, int amount);
    UltraSkillsAPI.removeForce(Player p, int amount);
    UltraSkillsAPI.setForce(Player p, int amount);
    UltraSkillsAPI.addIntelligence(Player p, int amount);
    UltraSkillsAPI.removeIntelligence(Player p, int amount);
    UltraSkillsAPI.setIntelligence(Player p, int amount);
public String getKey() {
        return key;

public Collection getCollection(){
        return Main.get().getClm().getCollections().get(key);
public String getKey() {
        return key;

public int getNewLevel() {
    return newLevel;
public int getNewLevel() {
        return newLevel;

public SkillType getType() {
    return type;

  • /trades ⌲ Opens the trade menu.
  • /collections menu ⌲ Opens the main collection menu.
  • /collections add/set <key> <player> <amount> ⌲ Manage collections amount.
  • /ssetup settalismanbag <name> <amount> ⌲ Set the amount of Row in the backpack.
  • /ssetup gettalisman <key> ⌲ Command to get a talisman.
  • /ssetup gettalismans ⌲ Command to get all talisman.
  • /ssetup reload ⌲ Reloads the plugin.
  • /ssetup fairy ⌲ Join in fairy setup.
  • /ssetup customrarity except/add <name> ⌲ Handle custom oddities.
  • /ssetup give <name> ⌲ He gives you the mine so he can set it up in one place.
  • /ssetup mines <name> ⌲ Opens a configuration menu for mines.
  • /ssetup wand <name> ⌲ Gives a wand of mine to player.
  • /ssetup armor <name> ⌲ Opens a configuration menu for custom armors.
  • /ssetup getarmor <name> ⌲ Get armor with key.
  • /ssetup collection <name> ⌲ Opens a configuration menu for custom collections.
  • /ssetup trade <name> ⌲ Opens a configuration menu for custom trades.
  • /ssetup createrunetable <key> ⌲ Create rune table.
  • /ssetup deleterunetable<key> ⌲ Delete rune table.
  • /ssetup crafts <key> ⌲ Create a custom craft.
  • /ssetup weapon <name> ⌲ Create a new weapon.
  • /usbc talismans ⌲ Open the talisman menu.
  • /usbc skills stats [player] ⌲ It shows you your stats, if it is executed on console it shows the statistics of the selected player.
  • /usbc skills menu ⌲ Opens the main skills menu.
  • /usbc skills xp/level add/set <skill> <player> <amount> ⌲ Manage skills level and xp.
  • /usbc skills give/remove/set <attribute> <player> <amount> ⌲
Manage attributes of skills.
  • /usbc craft <name> - Open craft preview menu.
  • /usbc pets menu - Open pets menu.
  • /usbc runes give <key> - Open runes menu.
  • /usbc pets give <key> - Give pet with this key.

  • ultraskills.admin - It gives you access to the /ssetup and administrator commands.
  • ultraskills.trades.<key> - It will give you access to the custom trade that you have created.


Dragons System have the following characteristics.
You can create dragons, give them the amount of life and rename them.
You can edit skill values.
You can put ender crystals.
You can set as many dragon altars as you want.
You have placeholders to use wherever you want.


Fairy Souls have the following characteristics.
You can edit the rewards of the souls and set odds for them.
You can set rewards and custom messages.
You can set a reward by reaching the maximum of souls.



Custom Crafts have the following characteristics.
You have a system where you can create crafting with lores and names in specific items and quantities.
You have a command that shows you a preview of the craftings you've created.
You can turn on a check for permissions, this will make them undeserable if they don't have them unlocked.


Pets have the following characteristics.
You can edit the pets and attributes you want the pet to train.
You can add as many pets levels as you want with attributes per level.
You can create unlimited HEAD pets.
Pets have AFK animations and chase you when you walk.
Pets have types they identify with.
Pets level up with the experience you gain with skills.
Pets will give you attributes and here are the names to use in the configuration INTELLIGENCE, STRENGTH, SPEED, SHIELD, HEALTH, CRITDAMAGE, CRITCHANGE, MANA.
You can convert pets to items.
You can hide pets from the menu.

Here's an image of the working Pets.

Here's an image of the menus.


The rune system has the following characteristics.

You can set the texture you want for each rune.
You can create the runes you want, you just need to copy and paste and change the data.
You can choose which materials are accepted to merge with a rune.
You can choose which particle is delivered when you merge with that rune.
You can set which level is required to merge that rune.
You can set the delivery percentage for each rune and each level within the rune.
You can create a rune table using the /ssetup createrunetable <key>.
The rune table has an animation by joining a rune with a weapon.
You can merge 2 runes and make a greater rune effect.
Merged runes add up to their required levels.
You can only merge runes of the same type.
You can't merge runes if you don't have the required level.

Runes that you already have by default (you can create more).

Rune menu on the table.

Rune Table Animation.

You can add unlimited trades, with the delivery item and necessary to change, you only need to configure the base of the trade, the plugin will automatically create the trade sub menu.


Skills have the following characteristics.
You can edit all levels and rewards for each skill.
You can edit the menu to your liking.
You can disable skills per worlds or per regions.
You have placeholders that are explained below.
You have XP multipliers by ranks and permissions.









Collections have the following characteristics.
You can change the number of bars in the collection menu.
You can set the text and command for each collection level.
If you put it on the first level it will be detected for the default.













➥ You are not allowed to distribute the plugin (it will only be used for you).
➥ You will accept that I have the right to change the price of the product (the plugin will improve every day, there may be price increase, or discounts for holidays)
➥ You are not allowed to decompile the plugin.
➥ You w
ill agree not to give stupid or bad criticism without first asking for help or support.
➥ You will agree not to make any claim of money back.


Latest updates

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    The 1.17 has brought many changes in the API I hope you understand why it has been decided to...
  2. General Improvements

    It helps a lot if you help on my Patreon.[/B] Added The Advanced Enchantments API was updated...
  3. Advanced Enchantments Support

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Latest reviews

I Love it I wait for the recode
This will be epic
the developer keeps promising to fix the bugs that I report to him in discord, but I haven't seen any fixes in the updates, the bugs that I reported are still present
The plugin is in recode, i already tell and this took time
The author does not provide a real solution to the reported problems, I reported serious dupes and issues that were breaking the server attributes completely; the author said that he was going to "investigate the problems", but weeks later nothing was done. This plugin is not operational in the current state and should not be used.

Not to mention the dupes and glitches with Skills, as a example, drop anything and fish it in 1.16, you can get infinite fishing XP, I can provide over 8 dupes and glitches that are still present that break everything.

I am also obliged to post the review as the author stopped responding through MC-Market.

I will update this review in the future if these things are fixed.
As I mentioned earlier, support is faster in discord because that is where all the buyers are always. If you do not want to enter, it is your discretion.
I am very disappointed in this resource and its author:

I decided to buy the resource to include it in my Skyblock and Survival servers, it seemed like a good idea at first glance, I saw what that it had a lot of features and bought it. At first everything was fine, but then when I tested it in detail and oh boy... I was running into a lot of bugs, errors, NullPointers, you name it. But I did not give it much importance since I simply reported everything to the developer, he told me that he will fix it, after more than a week, none of the bugs reported were fixed when some were breaking the server in a huge way, for example:

- You can gain experience from Skills by breaking protected blocks with WorldGuard, and if you disable global mode, you do not gain experience at all. (This has personally broken all my user stats, now I have to reset the server Skills / Collections completely)

- If you have the special abilities like Spelunker and stuff that give you a higher chance to drop double mineral/log/crop, when breaking a protected block it will drop, being this a big dupe.

- If you bind give / remove attribute commands to your custom sets, then you are screwed, when players leave and join with a set on, it just removes the attribute spamming a console error, https://pastebin.com/96Gm8FBw. Also note this is not a issue with ArmorPlus, I spoke with the developer and tested other command plugins and it works fine, its usbc related (as shown in the error)

- And many many others...

This author releases updates adding things rather than fixing existing bugs with the current functions, I find it very unprofessional.

DO NOT purchase the resource in the state it is in right now until the developer fixes all the issues it has.

I will change my rating once all the issues are fixed
Many people require different WorldGuard support than others so you have different options, disable by region, activate by region, activate by world, the error you report is MMOItems, it was said that you are working on compatibility with that plugin as it is very extensive. If you do not want to disable world guard globally you can do so by skills in the regionsDisabled section, this will disable skills in those regions.
Amazing plugins, its all in one plugins to improve your server.
Thank you very much for your review, soon many more updates.
Great, it provides everything you need to improve the SkyBlock experience...
Thanks for your review.
The best skyblock core in mc-market. Setup have lots of excellent feature without bug, user friendly, no lag, %100 customizable and more! I highly recommend buying this core. So cheaper than other simple cores. Developer is also nice & friendly :)
Thank you for your review.
Extremely nice plugin! It's a must-have plugin for any SkyBlock server to improve the things your player can do and avoid get bored without removing the vanilla experience from it, and not to mention that the dev is really responsive and helpful. Absolutely recommended!
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