Island Server Logo, Icon AND Banner | 3-IN-1 PACKAGE DISCOUNT! 1.0

Server branding starter pack for a custom feel to your website, advertisements and game listings.

3 in 1 Island and Trees Server Logo, a perfect starter pack for use in any Minecraft store or website. Get a custom twist on cheap graphics with this pack - all you need is photoshop.


Discord: Wonder#0513


- Pick between a fancy banner and a simple banner.

- Change the text to any font you want, and any color you want.

- Comes with the island and banner separated. Banner can be used on server listing websites or as a shortened version of the full logo.

- Island comes as a 64x64 icon PNG so you can additionally use it as a server icon in server listings.

What you get when you order:

Once you order you will receive a .zip file which contains 4 PSD files. 1 PSD file showing the fancy banner on the island, 1 PSD file showing the simple banner on the island, and a PSD for each banner without the island in the background. These PSD’s are set up so it is as easy as possible for an average person to simply edit the text and click save.
2 PNG files are also included, 1 of the island at an HD size, and 1 of the island at 64x64.

Photoshop, or a program able to open .PSD files, is required in order to edit this resource to your needs.
Don't know how to edit text? Here is an article explaining exactly how to do it, in a free program called Krita:
If you don’t have Photoshop, try these free programs to open .PSD files:
- Gimp (Most likely your best option)
- Krita
- Photopea (No download required)

It is not difficult to change the text in these PSDs - all that should be required is a double click, and typing. You may need to change the font if you don’t wish to download Norwester. If your server name is long, a size adjustment could also possibly be required. I am always available to help with any step in this process, or simply do it for you.

Font used in the example images:

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