The Walls X Addon 1.1

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A free addon for The Walls X
This is an addon for the premium resource The Walls X and therefore you must have that plugin installed in order for this to do any effect.

Currently, this addon adds features specific to Mega Walls arenas. It enables filling a powerup bar by hitting enemies and then releasing a special ability on demand. The special abilities vary depending on the kit selected.

Currently included abilities:
Zombie - Right-click your sword to gain a strong regeneration effect and share it with teammates as well!
Skeleton - Left click your bow to shoot an arrow that deals massive damage!
Enderman - Right-click your sword to teleport to the enemy you are looking at and gain a speed effect
Herobrine - Right-click your sword to strike all nearby enemies with lightning!

More features to this addon will be added on-demand, so suggest your ideas!. Please do not associate this addon with the original plugin. If a bug appears here or you want a special ability added, then talk to me about it in this discussion area. (Not the original plugin thread)

Latest updates

  1. The Walls Addon 1.1

    Updated the addon to be compatible with The Walls X 1.2
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