SupplyDrops | 1.8-1.16 | Envoy Event 1.0.8

Envoy event for any server
Fun Envoy alternative where chests spawn with random loot.

  • Simple and Lightweight
  • Easy to Setup
  • 99% Customizable
  • Loot Chances
  • PlaceholderAPI & HolographicDisplays Support
  • /supplydrops start - Starts the Event
  • /supplydrops stop - Stops the Event
  • /supplydrops edit - Edit the supply drop locations
  • /supplydrop drops - Displays all supply drop locations
  • /supplydrop next - Shows the time until the next event
  • - Access to /supplydrops help
  • supplydrops.reload - Access to /supplydrops reload
  • supplydrops.start - Access to /supplydrops start
  • supplydrops.stop - Access to /supplydrops stop
  • supplydrops.edit- Access to /supplydrops edit
  • supplydrops.drops - Access to /supplydrops drops
  • - Access to /supplydrops next

%supplydrops_time% - Gets the time remaining before the next event
%supplydrops_crates_left% - Gets the amount of crates left in the event
%supplydrops_crates_total% - Gets the total amount of crates in the event
{supplydrops_time} - Gets the time remaining before the next event
{supplydrops_crates_left} - Gets the amount of crates left in the event
{supplydrops_crates_total} - Gets the total amount of crates in the event



    item-type: CHEST
    amount-of-items: 3
    minimum-players: 1
    interval-start: 3600 # in seconds
    auto-end-after-start: 600 # in seconds
    enabled: true # You must have HolographicDisplays installed
    title: '&4&l*&f&l*&4&l* &fSupply Drop &4&l*&f&l*&4&l*'
    material: FIREWORK
    data: 0
    glowing: true
    name: '&4&l(!) &cSupply Drop Flare'
      - '&7Right-click to start a Supply Drop Event'
    event-start: LEVEL_UP;1.0;0.3
    crate-opened: BAT_TAKEOFF;1.0;0.3
locations: []
      chance: 50
      command: 'eco give %player% 100000'
      chance: 50
      command: 'eco give %player% 150000'
# <-------------------------------------->------<--------------------------------------> #
#                                     SupplyDrops
#                                  Created by Dreewww
# Discord: Anndrew#3417
# Support Server:
# <-------------------------------------->------<--------------------------------------> #

  prefix: '&4&lSupplyDrops &8» '
  no-permission: '&cYou don''t have permission to do this!'
  must-be-player: '&cYou must be a player to run this command!'
  reload: '&aReload Complete. Took %ms%ms.'
    - ''
    - '&4&lSupplyDrops'
    - '&7/supplydrops start &fStarts the event'
    - '&7/supplydrops stop &fStops the event'
    - '&7/supplydrops edit &fEdit the supply drop locations'
    - '&7/supplydrops drops &fLists all supply drop locations'
    - '&7/supplydrops next &fShows the time until the next event'
    - '&7/supplydrops flare &fGive a flare that starts an event'
    - ''
  not-enough-players: '&cThere aren''t enough players to start the Supply Drop event.'
  loot-no-items: '&cThere aren''t any supply drop items specified.'
  must-have-empty-slot: '&cYou must have a empty hand to do this.'
  edit-mode-on: '&7You have &aenabled &7the edit mode. Use the block given to specify drop locations.'
  edit-mode-off: '&7You have &cdisabled &7the edit mode.'
  edit-mode-cannot-break: '&cYou cannot break this block.'
  edit-mode-someone-editing: '&c%player% is editing the drop locations!'
  crate-placed: '&7Added a crate location at &c%location%&7.'
  crate-broken: '&7Removed the crate location at &c%location%&7.'
  crate-opened: '&c%player% &7has opened a Supply Drop. &f%crates% &7remain.'
  must-end-current: '&cYou must end the current Supply Drop event to do this.'
  no-event-running: '&cThere isnt a Supply Drop event running.'
  event-already-running: '&cThe Supply Drop event is already running.'
  event-currently-running: '&cThe Supply Drop event is currently running.'
  no-drop-location: '&cThere aren''t any drop locations specified.'
    - ''
    - '                           &4&lSupply Drops'
    - '               &7The Supply Drop event has started'
    - '              &f%crates% &7crates have spawned at &c/warp PvP'
    - ''
  event-ended: '&7The Supply Drop event has ended.'
  time-left: '&7Next Supply Drop event starts in &c%time%&7.'
  drop-format: '&c%position%. &f%location%'
    - ''
    - '&4&lSupply Drop Locations'
    - ''
    - '%values%'
    - ''
  flare-usage: '&7/supplydrop flare <player> <amount>'
  flare-invalid-player: '&cThe player %player% doesn''t exist or isn''t online.'
  flare-invalid-amount: '&cThe amount %amount% is invalid.'
  flare-success-sender: '&7You sent &c%player% &7%amount%x &cSupply Drop Flares&7.'
  flare-success-target: '&7You received &7%amount%x &cSupply Drop Flares &7from &c%player%&7.'
  flare-not-in-region: '&cYou cannot use a flare in this region!'

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Amazing plugin made by a high quality developer. Everything Andrew makes is tested thoroughly and optimized with high player counts in mind. Support is also top notch -- he responds to any requests or issues quickly via Discord. Major vouch.
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