Oculus A General Purpose Discord Bot 3.0

Oculus is a general purpose discord bot, written in JavaScript, made for just about anything.

Latest updates

  1. Major Update

    Main Updates Recoded, Revised, and Redid 99% of the code Created a new website with better...
  2. Minor Update

    Forgot to add the most recent package.json
  3. Major Updates

    Added Suggestions Added a better portfolio system - Added the ability to add text - Added...

Latest reviews

Not only is the bot amazing and high quality, everything is very easy to understand! The documentation is very thorough, and the developer is quick to respond, helpful, and friendly. I would definitely recommend this bot!
Firstly Oculus is a great bot, For the little amount of time I have had this bot for I can definitely vouch for the oculus team, this bot pretty much has everything you will need if you are trying to sell your services via discord.

Everything you need to know about the bot is well documented and the setup process is very simple and clean.
The developers are very friendly and very quick to respond to any questions you may have. If you have any issues with the bot they will resolve them asap.

If you are looking for a good freelancers bot this is definitely the one to get, especially for the price.
Huge vouch for this bot and its creators! Every single thing you'd need to know is excellently documented, which makes the entire setup process much more manageable.

The developers are friendly and were quick to answer all of my questions. Once I got the bot up and running, all features worked exactly as I hoped. Overall a fantastic bot. Would recommend to anyone.



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