OneSkyBlock Break block and it will spawn random block | Levels | Tops | Shop | Trades 1.0

Fully OneBlock SkyBlock plugin
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Hello everyone, thank you for viewing this resource, i wanted to share you my OneSkyBlock plugin, this feature inspired by a youtube called WadZee , he uses a mod to make OneBlock SkyBlock challenge, where you can mine 1 block and it will respawn another random blocks that you can use to start and build your own base. For everyone that looking for this plugin, this is it guys, we made a plugin similar to the Mod he is using, and we called it OneSkyBlock, fully oneblock skyblock plugin.

NEWS: It is now supported from 1.8 to 1.16.1


OneSkyBlock is a fully skyblock plugin with levels, tops, shop, trade systems, npc, visit, skills, missions, reset, and more!
This plugin will create and island with only 1 block that will regenerate, all blocks are customizable by levels.


Insert plugin into your plugins folder. Start your server.

/ob - ob.command
/getnpc - ob.getnpc
/level - ob.level
/missions - ob.missions
/reset - ob.reset
/skills - ob.skills
/top -
/trade -

Autopickup ability - ob.autopickup
Luckychest abiliy - ob.luckychest


Coming soon.

If you have any questions about this plugin, please join to and create ticket to get a support!
Test Server Coming soon.
This plugin are supported any plugins available!
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