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A Pretty Signature for this site!
Signature for MC Market

Hi there! I made this to show and offer my work as an amateur graphic designer to all the users of this forum.

⬇ Signature preview ⬇


How to install? Just decompress the .zip and install the two fonts (Gilroy-Extrabold and Gilroy-Medium) then open the .psd in photoshop and ready.

The .zip looks like this

(Only have three files.)

Now, we can find six different groups of layers. It looks like this

What are in each group?

Filters -
I put three filters for the user who wants to give a different style to his signature.
Name - Contains the name.
Under name - Contains icons and editable texts for each of the icons (Instagram, Discord, Twitter and McMarket).
Black layer - Only contains a Black Layer (You can edit the oppacity of the group).
Wallpapers - Contains six different wallpapers. (You can view one by one in the example on top of this post).

Well, now enjoy your signature!

If you want a design like banner, panel, header for your post or youtube channel, twitch, etc. Feel free to contact me on my discord (HipShaggy#9639). I'll be very accesible with prices (Like 1 dollar or 2 at most..).

PD: Sorry for my english.

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Thank you for sharing this for free.


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