The Best Ranks Easy to use, efficient RANK plugin v11.1 for MC LEGACY

Create your own ranks using almost every plugins data as a requirement
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Before downloading, read the "installation" section first!

The easiest and the best rank plugin ever!
You can create as many ranks as you want and define its requirements easily.
You can use any plugin which has a placeholder in PlaceholderAPI as a requirement!

Important Note
: Do not forget to download the placeholderapi expansion that you are using as a requirement in your own ranks. Commands: /papi ecloud download <expansion>, then /papi reload to activate. For example; if you created a rank with askyblock requirements, first you should enter these commands; /papi ecloud download askyblock, then, /papi reload, now own rank is ready. It may seem a bit complicated but it is quite simple. I tried to make this plugin both easy and detailed as possible. It won't cause any trouble if it is used properly.

You don't need to use any other chat plugin (EssentialsChat, etc.) for chat formatting. The Best Ranks can do anything that they can do, and you can use any placeholder which is registered in PlaceholderAPI. If you insist on using them, then you should disable the chat feature of The Best Ranks in config.yml.



New!: TBR will generate a list as a menu of your ranks automatically! (up to 27 ranks for now, other slots will be added) /rank list

%thebestranks_rank% - Players current rank
%thebestranks_nextrank% - Players next rank
/rank - thebestranks.command.rank - Opens GUI
/setrank <player> <rank-id> - thebestranks.setrank - Sets the rank of a player.
/rank up - thebestranks.command.rank - Promotes the players if they can afford the requirements, they can do this with gui easily.

/rank list - thebestranks.command.rank - See the list of ranks by a menu which is generated by the plugin automatically.
  prefix: '&7[&eStarter Rank&7]'
  prefix: '&7[&aOne of Us&7]'
        required: 500
        gui-message: '&aMoney&7: &e%your%&7/&b%required%'
        deny-message: '&8[&3TBR&8] &7You need &a%required% &7amount of money but you
          only have &c%your%&7.'
        required: 10
        gui-message: '&aLevel&7: &e%your%&7/&b%required%'
        deny-message: '&8[&3TBR&8] &7You need to be &a%required% &7level to rank up
          but you are &c%your% &7yet.'
  - eco take %player% 500
  - broadcast &a%player% &7is now %prefix%&7!
  prefix: '&7[&eLord of the Skies&7]'
        required: 10
        gui-message: '&aIsland Level&7: &e%your%&7/&b%required%'
        deny-message: '&8[&3TBR&8] &7Your island level must be &a%required%&7, but
          you are only &c%your%&7 level yet.'
        required: 2
        gui-message: '&aIsland Team Size&7: &e%your%&7/&b%required%'
        deny-message: '&8[&3TBR&8] &7Your island team size must be at least &a%required%
          &7to rank up!'
  - broadcast &a%player% &7is now %prefix%&7!
  prefix: '&7[&cSkywars Warrior&7]'
        required: 20
        gui-message: '&aSkywars Coins&7: &e%your%&7/&b%required%'
        deny-message: '&8[&3TBR&8] &7You must have &a%required% &7skywars coins to
          be able to rank up! But you only have &c%your%&7!'
        required: 30
        gui-message: '&aSkywars Kills&7: &e%your%&7/&b%required%'
        deny-message: '&8[&3TBR&8] &7You must be the killer of &a%required% &7players
          to rank up!'
  - skywars coin take %player% 20
  - broadcast &a%player% &7is now %prefix%&7!
  prefix: '&7[&cRoyal Stance&7]'
        required: 20
        gui-message: '&aFaction Power&7: &e%your%&7/&b%required%'
        deny-message: '&8[&3TBR&8] &7You must have &a%required% &7factions power to
          be able to rank up! But you only have &c%your%&7!'
  - broadcast &a%player% &7is now %prefix%&7!
  prefix: '&7[&bArchitect&7]'
        required: 100
        gui-message: '&aPlace Bricks&7: &e%your%&7/&b%required%'
        deny-message: '&8[&3TBR&8] &7You must place &a%required% &7amount of bricks
          to rank up!'
        required: 75
        gui-message: '&aPlace Fences&7: &e%your%&7/&b%required%'
        deny-message: '&8[&3TBR&8] &7You must place &a%required% &7amount of fences
          to rank up!'
        required: 150
        gui-message: '&aPlace Stained Glass Panes&7: &e%your%&7/&b%required%'
        deny-message: '&8[&3TBR&8] &7You must place &a%required% &7amount of glass
          panes to rank up!'
  - broadcast &a%player% &7is now %prefix%&7!
  prefix: '&7[&dMiner&7]'
        required: 120
        gui-message: '&aBreak Coal Ores&7: &e%your%&7/&b%required%'
        deny-message: '&8[&3TBR&8] &7You must break &a%required% &7amount of coal
          ores to rank up!'
        required: 75
        gui-message: '&aBreak Iron Ores&7: &e%your%&7/&b%required%'
        deny-message: '&8[&3TBR&8] &7You must break &a%required% &7amount of iron
          ores to rank up!'
        required: 150
        gui-message: '&aBreak Gold Ores&7: &e%your%&7/&b%required%'
        deny-message: '&8[&3TBR&8] &7You must break &a%required% &7amount of gold
          ores to rank up!'
  - broadcast &a%player% &7is now %prefix%&7!
  prefix: '&c[&7Only Permission&c]'
    permission: example.permission
#The Best Ranks v7.0 config.yml
#(Chat) do not use any other chat formmating plugin if you've enabled the chat!
#If you insist on using other chat formatting plugins, you can set this boolean "false" and
#you can use "%thebestranks_rank%" placeholder which is provided by PlaceholderAPI. If your chat format plugin supports papi of course.
#Also: if you want to use players' group prefixes which is provided by GroupManager or PEX or the others, simply use %vault_rankprefix%
  enabled: true
  format: '%thebestranks_rank% &7[&ePlayer&7] &r%playername%&7: &r%message%'
  #If you want to change the chat format per group, you can use this
  #You can also add as many special formats as you want.
  #Be sure that you are writing the exact names of the groups. Case sensitive.
    Owner: '&7[&cOwner&7]&r %playername%&c: &4%message%'
    Moderator: '&7[&3Moderator&7]&r %playername%&c: &4%message%'
    Helper: '%thebestranks_rank% &7[&aHelper&7]&r %playername%&c: &4%message%'
#GUI Messages.
  name: '&d&lTheBestRanks &0&lMenu'
  rank-up-name: '&aRank Up!'
  requirements-name: '&dRequirements For %next_rank%'
  your-rank-name: '&7Current Rank&8: %rank%'
  no-greater-rank-name: '&7No greater rank than yours!'
  free-rank-lore: '&7You can freely rank up!'
  not-done: '&c✘'
  done: '&a✓'
  kill-msg: '&aKill Score&8: &e%your%&7/&b%required%'
  level-msg: '&aLevel&8: &e%your%&7/&b%required%'
  hour-msg: '&aPlayed Hours&8: &e%your%&7/&b%required%'
  yes-perm-msg: '&aNeeded Permission&8: &a%required%'
  no-perm-msg: '&aNeeded Permission&8: &c%required%'
  money-msg: '&aMoney&8: &e%your%&7/&b%required%'
  rank-list-number-format: '&7%number%.'
  rank-list-title: '&d&lTheBestRanks &0&lList'
#Standart messages
  no-perm: '&cYou dont have enough permission for this action!'
  not-enough-hours: '&8[&3TBR&8] &7You didnt play enough to rank up yet!'
  not-enough-permissions: '&8[&3TBR&8] &7You should have &a%required% &7permission to rank up.'
  not-enough-block-broken: '&8[&3TBR&8] &7You didnt broke enough blocks to be able to rank up! You should break &a%required%&7x&e%block%&7, you only broke &c%your%'
  not-enough-level:  '&8[&3TBR&8] &7You dont have enough levels to be able to rank up! Your level must be &a%required%&7.'
  not-enough-kill: '&8[&3TBR&8] &7You didnt kill enough players to be abe to rank up yet! Required kill: &a%required%&7, your kill: &c%your%&7.'
  only-in-game: '&cThis can not be done on console'
  no-greater-rank: '&8[&3TBR&8] &7There is no greater rank than yours.'
  not-enough-quests-points: '&8[&3TBR&8] &7You dont have enough &aQuests Points &7to rank up! Required points: &c%required%&7.'
  not-enough-island-level: '&8[&3TBR&8] &7Not enough island level! Required level: &c%required%&7, your level: &a%your%&7.'
  must-have-island: '&8[&3TBR&8] &7You must have an island to rank up!'
  not-enough-block-placed: '&8[&3TBR&8] &7You didnt place enough blocks to rank up!'
  not-enough-money: '&8[&3TBR&8] &7You dont have enough money to rank up!'
  setrank-command-usage: '&8[&3TBR&8] &a/setrank &e<player> &a<rank-number>'
  player-not-found: '&8[&3TBR&8] &7The player couldnt be found!'
  not-valid-rank-no: '&8[&3TBR&8] &7You should enter a valid rank number!'
  players-rank-is-set: '&8[&3TBR&8] &a%player% &7is now &e%prefix%&7!'
  rank-up-title: '&aCongratulations!'
  rank-up-subtitle: '&bYou are promoted to&7: %prefix%'
  you-do-not-afford-the-requirements: '&e&lT&b&lB&a&lR &cYou do not afford the requirements'











FabledSkyblock's placeholder registered in PlaceholderAPI, may return string instead of numbers sometimes. So it was a problem because our plugin here works with numbers. So we have added some extra support for you to use fabledskyblock island levels with your ranks!

How to use: Just add "fabledskyblock-island-level" section to your "requirements" section which is in "ranks.yml" For an example:
  prefix: '&7[&aReal Man&7]'
      required: 25
      gui-message: '&aIsland Level&7: &e%your%&7/&b%required%'
      deny-message: '&7Your island level is not enough! Your island must be %required% level! But you are %your% yet!'


1. If you are using 1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11, 1.12 use TheBestRanks LEGACY

If you are using 1.13, 1.14, 1.15+ use TheBestRanks 1.15

Download the correct one for you

See here

2. Stop your server

3. Drop TBR to your "plugins" folder with "Vault, PlaceholderAPI" and a permission plugin if you want to use one (for group prefixes), such as GroupManager, Pex etc.

4. Start your server, configuration files will be generated

5. Configurate "ranks.yml" and "config.yml" as you will! I insist you to edit them before use, because if you don't edit them for your server, it is probably going to give errors, so be careful! Remove the requirements of other plugins that you don't have! Or it won't work when you perform the command!

6. Be sure that you have the PlaceholderAPI expansions of the plugins that you have used as a requirement in ranks.yml!

For example
: If you have a requirement in your ranks.yml like: '%player_level%'
Be sure that you've performed this commands before performing /rank:
/papi ecloud download player
/papi reload

Second example:
If you have a requirement in your ranks.yml like:
Perform these commands:
/papi ecloud download askyblock
/papi reload

It is the same with any other plugin!

6. Done! (TBR won't give any errors if it is used correctly)

If you try to use it directly without any configuration, it will absolutely give an error! Please read carefully before using it!

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need any further information/support about the plugin or anything else.

Discord ID: >>TheLegend<<#6052
Discord Server:

(English, French, Turkish)
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