TheCrappiest Minions-Revamped 0.1.5

Little dudes that do amazing things!
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  1. 1.8
  2. 1.9
  3. 1.10
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  6. 1.13
  7. 1.14
  8. 1.15
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This is the revamped version of my minions plugin.

Supported Minecraft Versions:
1.18+, 1.17+, 1.16+, 1.15+, 1.14+, 1.13+, 1.12+, 1.11+, 1.10+, 1.9+, 1.8.8+
( 1.18.2 - 1.8.8 )

This plugin is a revamp of the original plugin, Minions (Also available for purchase).
This is a core as well as an API. You can use the official minions and addons or use the API to create your own.
While this core does contain features from the original plugin it has a lot of its own, such as; Minion limiting based on island members, players or minion types. Offline functionality, whether the minion is just moving or completing its tasks.
The plugin is also coded based on backwards compatibility so it makes use of newer Spigot-API methods and also bases some mechanics on the event system.
One of the main goals with this revamp was multi-threading and asynchronous method calling. You are able to specify how many minions can run per thread.
The core comes with a single minion, the Display minion. The name is pretty self explanatory but basically this minion could just be placed to show off what minions are.

This is also an API as stated previously, although there are not any tutorials on the API the Miner minion and Addon-Nametag are open sourced and show how you can create your own minion or addon for this core.

Verification of purchase is required before support is given for this resource.

Official Minions-Revamped Minions:

All additional minions (except miner) are $7.50 and can only be found on MC-market.

Official Minions-Revamped Addons:

API Events:
AutoLoadMinions - Runs so you can spawn in minions that are suppose to automatically load on start, reload or for other reasons.
CreateMinionEntity - Runs when a minion is being requested for creation.
CreateMinionObject - Runs before CreateMinionEntity to create an object instance of the minion.
GiveCommand - Runs when the command /minion give <user> <miniontype> [amount] is performed.
InteractWithMinion - Runs when a player interacts (right clicks) on a minion.
LoadConfigurations - When configurations should be loaded.
LoadMinionAttempt - Runs when a minion is attempting to load. Usually from saved data.
LoadSavedMinionData - Runs after CreateMinionEntity and is used to load saved data.
MinionEntityRespawn - When the armorstand of the minion is replaced (respawned).
MinionInventoryClick - Runs when a player clicks inside a minions inventory.
MinionLastPose - Runs when a minion reaches its last pose.
MinionPerformTask - When the minion should start its tasks.
PerformItemActions - Runs when the clicked item in a minions inventory is running actions.
PickupMinion - Runs when the minion should be pickedup or is being pickedup.
PlayerPlaceMinion - Runs when the player places a minion using a minion item.
ReloadPlugin - Runs when the reload command is performed.
SaveMinion - Saves the minion data. Usually when unloading the minion.

/minion - Default command. (config.yml | Base_Permissions.Help)
/minion reload - Reloads the plugin and configurations. (config.yml | Base_Permissions.Reload)
/minion give <user> <minion-type> <amount> Give minion command. (config.yml | Base_Permissions.give)

Bypass Placement Restrictions - (config.yml | Base_Permissions.Bypass_Placement)
Pickup Others Minions - (config.yml | Base_Permissions.Pickup_Others)
Limit Settings - Default settings for limits. How many minions can be placed from the type, per player or even per island (For supported skyblock plugins of course). (config.yml | Limit_Settings)

Supported Plugins:
(If you want support for a plugin added please make sure its free, or it has an external API. Otherwise you can simply use the minions API to add support for your own plugins.)

Inventory Item Actions:
MESSAGE - Sends the player that performed the action a message.
CONSOLE_COMMAND - Sends a command to console to be performed.
SET_MOVEMENT_DELAY - Sets the delay of the movement for the minion at the specified amount. Ex; - '[SET_MOVEMENT_DELAY] .5'
ADD_MOVEMENT_DELAY - Adds the specified amount to the minions movement delay. Ex; - '[ADD_MOVEMENT_DELAY ] .5' (If the delay is already .5 it will now become 1.)
(MINUS or SUBTRACT)_MOVEMENT_DELAY - Subtracts the specified amount from the minions movement delay. Ex; - '[MINUS_MOVEMENT_DELAY ] .5' (If the delay is already 1 it will now become .5.)
HEAL_MINION - Heals the minion with the specified amount.
FEED_MINION - Feeds the minion with the specified amount.
NEXT_DIRECTION - The minion will turn to its right.
SET_DIRECTION - Faces the minion to the specified direction. Ex; [SET_DIRECTION] NORTH
TOGGLE_MINION - Toggles the minion on or off.
LINK_CHEST or LINK_FOOD_CHEST - If linked to a chest, the chest will be unlinked. If not it will set the player into chest linking mode.
UNLINK_CHEST - Unlinks chest if one is linked to the minion.
ADD_RADIUS - Adds the specified amount to the minions radius.
(MINUS or SUBTRACT)_RADIUS - Subtracts the specified amount from the minions radius.
COLLECT_EXP - Gives the minions collected experience to the player.

Default Minion Placeholders:
%minion_type% - The minions type.
%minion_entity_uuid% - UUID of the minion entity.
%minion_owner% - UUID of the minions owner.
%minion_owner_name% - Username of the minions owner.
%minion_arm_forward% - Direction the arm is moving.
%minion_arm_pose% - The pose the arm is currently on.
%minion_enabled% - If the minion is enabled.
%minion_movement_delay% - Configured delay.
%minion_movement_delay_converted% - Delay converted to milliseconds.

%minion_radius% - The current radius of the minion.
%minion_collectedexp% - The amount of experience this minion has collected.

%minion_direction% - Direction the minion is facing.
%minion_health% - Current health of minion.
%minion_max_health% - Max health minion can have.
%minion_hunger% - Current hunger of minion.
%minion_max_hunger% - Max hunger minion can have.
%minion_die_by_health% - If the minion can die of starvation.
%minion_starved% - If the minion has starved but is not dead.

%minion_location_world% - The name of the world where the minion is located.
%minion_location_x% - X coordinate of the minions location.
%minion_location_y% - Y coordinate of the minions location.
%minion_location_z% - Z coordinate of the minions location.

%minion_linkchest_linked% - If the minion has a linked chest.
%minion_linkchest_location_world% - World name of linked chest.
%minion_linkchest_location_x% - X coordinate of linked chest.
%minion_linkchest_location_y% - Y coordinate of linked chest.
%minion_linkchest_location_z% - Z coordinate of linked chest.

Terms Of Service:

If you purchase or possess this file or any of its contents you are, obligated to (and/or) agree to, follow these terms. Failure to do so will result in action being taken against you and your account.

1. I am allowed to remove anyone from the purchaser list at any given time.
2. No refunds are allowed. Once purchased you have full access to download the files. This means you have received what you paid for and there for can not receive a refund.
3. You are not allowed to post my plugin (or any of its contents) any where. It is to be used on your server or network. (If your friend wants to use it they have to purchase it as well.)
4. Do not claim my plugin as your own.
5. I am allowed to update these terms how ever I like without notifying anyone about the update.
6. I am allowed to change the price of this plugin for anyone or at any time I like.
7. If you are caught leaking the plugin steps will be taken to remove you from the resource. All support for the resource will be revoked.
8. I have the right to refuse the plugin or support to anyone.
9. There is no account sharing or transferring. Its not on me if you are banned from the website or from discord. Support is given to purchasers only. Just cause you have access to files does not mean you will get support for them.
10. Making reviews about me (the author) or the support for the plugin in the review section is not allowed. Bug reports in the review section are not allowed. There are correct channels for these. I am fine with honest reviews if they are about the resource. Invalid reviews may be reported. Multiple invalid reviews can/may result in your license being revoked.

Latest updates

  1. Update 0.1.5

    (MC-Market adds bulletins if I have "+" here for some reason.) Added support for 1.18.2 Added...
  2. Update 0.1.4

    (MC-Market adds bulletins if I have "+" here for some reason.) Added LoadSavedMinionDataEvent...
  3. Update 0.1.3

    + Added support for 1.18 + Added setAlreadyLoaded(boolean) and isAlreadyLoaded() to...

Latest reviews

Great developer, great plugin and quick support! If you have any questions and you contact the discord he will help you real quick!
Thanks for the review.
The best minion plugin!!
Simple and intuitive APIs (thanks to it I was finally able to create my minion Buyer :D)... kind developer and always ready to add any idea... what are you waiting to buy and try this too resource?
Thanks for the review.


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