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Minions-Miner 0.1.1

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Minions-Revamped Required - Mines blocks continuously. (Unless dead.)
Supported versions

Miner minion for Minions-Revamped.

Minions-Revamped is required for this plugin to function.

Source Code: https://github.com/TheCrappiest/Minions-Miner
The miner can be placed and will mine the block in front of it.
The minion can also give a configured amount of experience for each block type mined. You can also configure collected exp to be bottled or contained in the minion.

For any support make sure to join the discord.
Verified purchase of Minions-Revamped is required to gain support for this plugin.

Inventory Item Actions:
COLLECTED_EXP - If the minion has any collected experience the minion will give that experience to the player.

Custom Minion Placeholders:
%minion_blocksmined% - How many blocks the minion has mined.
%minion_collectedexp% - How much experience the minion has collected.

Latest updates

  1. Update 0.1.1

    Update 0.1.1 for Minions-Miner Updated Minions-Revamped dependency. (Minions-Revamped 0.1.5)...
  2. Update 0.1.0

    Update 0.1.0 for Minions-Miner * Updated Minions-Revamped dependency. (Minions-Revamped 0.1.4)...
  3. Update 0.0.9

    Update 0.0.9 for Minions-Miner * Updated Minions-Revamped dependency. (Minions-Revamped 0.1.3)...
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