[Free] Player Cosmetic Tags [ChestCommands Config] 1.1

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Custom premade player chat tags using only GroupManager and ChestCommands
Do not waste more Memory and RAM on downloading a Tags plugin! If you have ChestCommands and GroupManager already installed, you may use these nice, lightweight tags!

How it works:
When you type /tag (can be changed), it shows up a GUI with many tags. If you have the required permission, by clicking a tag will change your suffix in the selected world ("world" by default) to the tag you selected!

- No plugin, just a ChestCommands menu file!
- Extremely lightweight!
- Contains 28 Pre-made tags!
- Permissions included!
- Categorized tags!
- 1 empty category for your own tags!

- Install ChestCommands and GroupManager (GroupManager also requires Essentials and EssentialsChat).
- Add tags.yml in the menu folder after ChestCommands files show up.
- OPTIONAL: Edit it to your needs.
- Reload your server (or ChestCommands using /chestcommands reload).

- chestcommands.open.tags.yml
- chestcommands.command.open
- tags.<tagname> (Example: tags.god)

This config is made for GroupManager! However, you may change it to any permission plugin you have manually! More info in the file!

If you need any help or a bug occurred, just contact me :D
Discord: TrollingCake#8425

Donations are always really appreciated! Thanks a lot for your support
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Latest updates

  1. More detailed config help

    Added info in the config in case that GroupManager is not used as well as a more detailed...
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