AquaUHC [1.7-1.12] Settings,Scenarios,Animated Border,Leaderboards,Statistics and more.. 1.1.10

Mini-game type core where each player have to survive on their own or with teammates.
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  • AquaUHC is a brand new UltraHardCore (UHC) plugin built from scratch. It has been in a active work for a couple of months (project started in the February 2020). It is a mini-game type core where each player have to survive on their own or with teammates. AquaUHC provides everything that one UHC server needs, modes such as FFA and Teams, toggleable configurations, cages, scenarios, different settings and more. It is built to be optimized and support any kind of UHC server.

  • Java 8
  • 1.7-1.12 Spigot
  • This product uses a licensing system that requires your system to be able to connect to the internet.
  • Once you purchase the product, you need to join the support discord in order to receive your license.
  • This is completely new code and as usual there will be some bugs. Please be considerate of this and contact me as fast as possible on discord when you find one so I can patch it as soon as possible.
  • AquaUHC supports three ways of saving database of players. You can choose between Mongo, MySQL or a FlatFile saving. Default way of saving data is FlatFile so you don't need to worry about getting neither of Mongo or MySQL.
Scenarios List:
  • Code:
    - CutClean
    - DoubleOres
    - TripleOres
    - DiamondLess
    - BareBones
    - Timber
    - BackPacks
    - DoubleExp
    - TripleExp
    - Blood Diamonds
    - Blood Gold
    - Blood Enchants
    - Book Disenchant
    - Fireless
    - GoldenRetriever
    - NoClean
    - Armor Enchants
    - SafeLoot
    - TimeBomb
    - Hastey Boys
    - OP Hastey Boys
    - Hastey Boys Lite
    - No fall Damage
    - BuildUHC
    - WebCage
    - LuckyLeaves
    - NoEnchant
    - Bats
    - DoubleOrNothing
    - InfiniteEnchant
    - Pyro
    - Switcheroo
    - Soup
    - GoneFishing
    - 3X Arrows
    - Eggs
    - Double Jump
    - Cat's Eyes
    - Broadcaster
    - Tracker
    - HorseLess
    - DoNotDisturb
    - Bowless
    - Swordless
  • AquaUHC provides in-game configuration to set up your own UHC game and toggle different types of options. Currently there is 20+ options and 35+ scenarios.
  • New scenarios and options will be added throughout updates for sure.


  • Players with special permission have access to settings menu and access to different options such as glass border, check re-logged players, toggle practice arena, manage whitelist status and whitelisted players, toggle scenarios and such.

Hotbar Items:
  • AquaUHC comes with a fully configurable lobby hotbar items as well as fully configurable spectator hotbar items.
  • All hotbar items can be changed in hotbars.yml


LeaderBoards & Stats:
  • AquaUHC provides 9 types of leaderboards and individual statistics for which players can compete to get rewards and such.
  • You can display leaderboards in GUI, use SIGNs or HOLOGRAMS. On top of that you can even display the #1's head wherever you want, mostly on top of the block where leaderboard sign is placed.

Practice Arena:
  • AquaUHC provides practice arena which is used before game starts where players can fight to not get bored while waiting for the game to start.
  • You are able to edit every option of practice arena such as kit, location and max players.

Config Saving:
  • With AquaUHC you can save up to 7 custom configuration options that can be loaded with a one click at any time. You can set up different options for each day in a week and you can even make one load when server is started.



Animated wall border:
  • If you're running this UHC plugin on any 1.8 - 1.12 spigot version, animated wall border will be used instead of bedrock one with visual glass
  • When player is scatter, animated border with dimension 3x3 will be spawned around the player
  • hoWHLtD.png

  • AquaUHC comes with an option to use cages instead of a regular scatter option where player is sitting. Each player will spawn in an own cage, where you can also configure a sign with a message which will be spawned in the middle of a cage.

Discord WebHook Sync:
  • AquaUHC provides discord webhook so you can easily tell your community when a game is hosted. This is simple announced by doing /discordannounce. Everything configurable inside discord.yml.
  • Settings allows you to modify different options for the game such us toggling glass border, toggling practice arena, checking whitelisted players, checking re-logged players, toggling whitelist, whitelisting players, creating brand new world and such.

  • AquaUHC provides /announce command so donators and staff can announce uhc game throughout all your BungeeCord servers. For this to work you need to put jar file inside BungeeCord plugins which will load addon.

  • Twitter integration allows you to tweet games and winners on your twitter.


Commands & Permissions:
/border <size> - used for manual border shrink
/freeze <player> - freeze player
/giveall <material> - give an item to all player in game
/goldenhead - give yourself a golden head
/invsee <player> - inspect inventory of a player
/lagg <info|clear> - check server performance
/uhcreload - reload configuration files
/sethologram <type> - set hologram location
/removehologram <type> - remove hologram
/respawn <player> - respawn a player if the player died
/scatter <player> - scatter player into game
/sethead <type> - set #1 skull head for different type of leaderboard
/setsign <type> - set #1 sign for different type of leaderboard
/setlobby - set lobby location
/settings - access settings menu
/spectatorchat - toggle spectator chat on/off
/staffmode - enter/leave staff mode
/starterinventory <edit|save> - edit or save starter inventory
/teambackpack - access team's backpack
/teamchat - toggle team chat on/off
/team - main team command
/teaminfo <player> - get information about team
/telllocation - send your location to your teammates
/announce - bungee announce that the game is about to start
/config - check configuration
/discordannounce - announce that the game is about to start to your discord server
/game <autostart|sethost|removehost> - different commands for a game
/health <player> - check health of a player in a game
/kills <player> - check kills of a player in a game
/leaderboards - open leaderboards menu
/ores <player> - check ores of a player
/practice, /practice help - join practice or show other practice related commands
/rescatter - use rescatter in first 5 minutes
/scenarios [admin] - show enabled scenarios or toggle scenarios
/stats <player> - check player's stats
/topkills - show current game top kills
Command '/setspawn', permission: uhc.command.setspawn
Command '/game', permission:
Command '/respawn', permission: uhc.command.respawn
Command '/settings', permission: uhc.command.settings
Command '/scatter', permission: uhc.command.scatter
Command '/rescatter', permission: uhc.command.rescatter
Command '/lagg', permission: uhc.command.lagg
Command '/staffmode', permission: uhc.command.staffmode
Command '/starterinventory', permission: uhc.command.starterinventory
Command '/goldenhead', permission: uhc.command.goldenhead
Command '/border', permission: uhc.command.border
Command '/spectatorchat', permission: uhc.command.spectatorchat
Command '/announce', permission: uhc.command.announce
Command '/discordannounce', permission: uhc.command.discordannounce
Command '/freeze', permission: uhc.command.freeze
Command '/invsee', permission: uhc.command.invsee
Command '/practice', permission: uhc.command.practice
Command '/setsign', permission: uhc.command.setsign
Command '/sethead', permission: uhc.command.sethead
Command '/sethologram', permission: uhc.command.sethologram
Command '/removehologram', permission: uhc.command.removehologram
Command '/giveall', permission: uhc.command.giveall
Command '/uhcreload', permission: uhc.command.reload


Permissions for /settings menu


World - NOTE
  • Please note that this plugin does not edit world in any way, such us caves, ore rates and such. You just have an option to replace biomes and that's it. For this you can use other plugins such as TerrainControl and OrePlus.

Other Features:
  • Combat Loggers
  • FFA & Teams
  • Staff Alerts
  • Twitter Integration
  • Alerts (Diamonds & Gold Mine)
  • Health under player's name
  • NameTag system (red for enemy, green for friendly and gold for invincibility)
  • Glass Border (synced visual glass within 10 blocks above bedrock border)
  • Top Kills
  • Flat Area (25x25), grass break and TimeBomb damage or any other block damage disallowed within that area
  • Starter Inventory
  • Pre-start countdown
  • Re-log period (10 minutes)
  • Freeze System
  • Fall-back server support instead of a kick

  • Jar file ($18.00)
  • Source Code With Updates (GitHub) ($200).
  • Discord server (create a ticket after purchasing or for source purchase, all other questions, use #questions-before-buying). Join discord here.

Latest updates

  1. 0

    => Implemented random teleport radius for practice location, you can now configure radius in...
  2. 1.1.9 RELEASE

    => Fixed issue with developer mode being enabled causing some things not to work properly =>...
  3. RELEASE 1.1.8

    => You can no longer remove host if game is already started => Host will now be forced into...

Latest reviews

a really good plugin for the uhc game i think is one of the beast of is the beast. i recommend this : )
Thank you very much!
Perfect uhc plugin, doesn't lack features and everything works correctly, the developer fixes bugs, till now he has helped me with 2 or more(I can't count xd) different situations and he always responds asap
Thank you!
To be honest, the FateUHC and AquaUHC are the most optimized UHC Plugins with world creation. Vouch for activated, its a very good developer
Thank you very much!
A very good UHC plugin! Recommend this for any server with a UHC gamemode!
Thank you!
This UHC is outstanding, the developer is very talented and should definitely continue his amazing work. Great plugin. Worth every penny.
Thank you!
11/10 Best UHC Core on the Market, Great and Easy to Config / Understand, Super Cheap for the amount of features you receive with it. Can't wait for further Updates!
Thanks for the review!
10/10 highly recommend this UHC Core. It's one of the best on the market. Extremely user friendly, I was able to get it up and running working perfectly in about an hour. This is my preferred UHC Core now, even though it's in Beta. It's also fairly inexpensive for what comes with the core.
Thank you very much!
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