Gravity An Enterprise BungeeCord Fork v1.0-dev4

An enterprise BungeeCord fork which aims to fix outdated BungeeCord code design & improve Security
SALE AND BETA: Gravity is currently in active beta development. The full, stable, release is expected to be released by the end of November. While it's under beta, you'll have a chance to purchase it just for 7.99€!! While in beta, some features listed below may not be active. Feel free to report any issues on our Issue Tracker.


Gravity is an advanced BungeeCord fork, which mains to maintain the stability for large networks, optimize the way BungeeCord handles connections, drastically clean up and redesign the server console, offer an unbeatable fix for BungeeCord netty exploits, capable of handling any modern null-ping / BungeeSmasher, ZeusSmasher attack with as low lag as possible, and enormous filtering speed (even for servers which does not have Linux Firewall - which is highly recommended to have btw (coming soon)), include some essential stuff built-in (like a global messaging system (soon)), and extending the options of a normal BungeeCord, which we will talk more about below.


Gravity aims to optimize the way how the BungeeCord
works, but while also not breaking the support for any
plugin which is compatible with the stock version. It is well
tested and is able to handle an enormous amount of
connections per second, without any lag. By using Gravity
you can expect a slightly faster BungeeCord boot time too.

Gravity also aims to clean up the console and make it
look more modern and appealing. If plugin error occurs during
the boot-up time, it will be logged in a separate file, allowing
users to grab their logs, and organize them more quickly,
while also having a clean console. If there is a null-ping attack,

the connection/ping logging will forcefully turn off while the
Gravity is filtering those nasty connections, allowing not only for
a cleaner console, but for less memory usage, as logs file could
sometimes take a significant portion of disk memory during attacks.

NETTY EXPLOITS PATCH (partial, full version coming soon)
Gravity has a unique approach to various netty exploits
that are aimed to crash stock BungeeCord. We do various
analysis for each and every connection, and if it is proven
to be bad, we'll blacklist it using Linux Firewall, or in case
your server does not have access to one, the malicious IP
will be blacklisted and blocked in the first line of code of
InitialHandler, which guarantees the best possible performance.
No matter the strength of the attack, it will always eventually
get blacklisted.
Gravity is built on top of BotFilter, a best-in-class bot detection
and mitigation system. In addition to that, it uses many innovative
technics introduced in InterceptX to efficiently fight and block 100% of
known and unknown bot attack patterns while not consuming an enormous
amount of CPU like the legacy solutions do.

Huge, professional networks usually tend not to use so many
plugins and that's why some of the essential features are
already built-in the Gravity, such as - banning system, global
messaging system, built-in slash-server, and an exclusive ability
to disable dimension-change screen when switching servers.

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Alternatively, you can report any issues to our Issue tracker here.

Crediting original
- BungeeCord - Gravity and BotFilter are built on top of BungeeCord, improving performance and security:

- Gravity is built on top of BotFilter further improving Security and Performance while introducing new features: . We're allowed to use and sell their respective code, as it could be seen here:
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Latest updates

  1. v1.0-dev4-A: hotfix

    Fixed some errors which prevented plugins from functioning properly.
  2. v1.0-dev4: Added basic obfuscation and antipiracy

    Added basic obfuscation and antipiracy If you have any issues, feel free to fall back to v1.0-dev3
  3. v1.0-dev3

    Removed forgotten debug message Changed default value of GeoIP to DISABLED
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