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Play amongus inside of Minecraft!
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Hello everyone, thank you for viewing this resource, i wanted to share you my AmongUs plugin, this feature inspired by the original AmongUs game, the plugin has Taks, Scoreboard, Titles, Messages, Unlimited arenas, Voting, Discussion, Impostors, Crewmates, Cameras, Doors and more.

The plugin has many features, but it will have more and more if this will have sales.

The plugin is only supported for 1.8.X - 1.10.X


The main command is /amongus.

How to configure doors?

To configure doors you need to get the wand (/as wand), then select the door region, and finally add the door to the game (/as adddoor <game> <name>)

How Minecord implementation works?

AmongUs allows you to use Minecord while in games, the plugin will automatically mute players while in game and unmute them while in discussion/voting time.
You need to configure Minecord plugin as normal.

API for developers

APlayer getPlayer(String name) | Get the player  by name

APlayer getPlayer(Player player) | Get the player  by player

Game getGame(String name) | Get game by name

Collection<APlayer> getPlayers() | Get players

Collection<Game> getGames() | Get games


Download the plugin and dependencies. Put the plugins into plugins folder. Start yourt server.

Admin permission: amongus.admin
User permission: amongus.command
- '&7/amongus &fsetmainlobby &8| Sets main lobby'
- '&7/amongus &fcreate <game> &8| Create a game'
- '&7/amongus &fdelete <game> &8| Delete a game'
- '&7/amongus &fsetspawn <game> &8| Set game spawn location'
- '&7/amongus &fsetvoting <game> &8| Set game voting location'
- '&7/amongus &fsetemergency <game> &8| Set emergency button location (block you''re looking)'
- '&7/amongus &faddtask <game> <task> &8| Add task location (block you''re looking)'
- '&7/amongus &fremovetask <game> &8| Remove task location (block you''re looking)'
- '&7/amongus &faddvent <game> &8| Add vent location (block you''re looking)'
- '&7/amongus &fremovevent <game> &8| Remove vent location (block you''re looking)'
- '&7/amongus &faddsabotage <game> <sabotage> <1/2> &8| Add sabotage (block you''re looking)'
- '&7/amongus &fremovesabotage <game> &8| Remove sabotage (block you''re looking)'
- '&7/amongus &fwand &8| Get region select wand'
- '&7/amongus &fadddoor <game> <name> &8| Add door (selected region)'
- '&7/amongus &fremovedoor <game> &8| Remove door (block you''re looking)'
- '&7/amongus &fsetcameras <game> &8| Set cameras location (block you''re looking)'
- '&7/amongus &faddcamera <game> &8| Add camera to your location'
- '&7/amongus &fremovecamera <game> &8| Remove camera (block you''re looking)'
- '&7/amongus &fconfig <game> <config> <int> &8| Set game config'
- '&7/amongus &freload &8| Reloads the config'
- '&7/amongus &freload <game> &8| Reloads a game data'
- '&7/amongus &fsave <game> &8| Save a game'
- '&7/amongus &fjoin <game> &8| Join a game'
- '&7/amongus &fleave &8| Leave a game'


If you have any questions about this plugin, please join to and create ticket to get a support!

Test Server Coming soon.
This plugin are supported any plugins available!

Terms Of Conditions

You can't sell this resource without my permission.
You can't decompile the plugin.
You can only use it it one server.
There are no refunds.
You cannot review the resource without asking for support first.
Crediting original

Latest updates

  1. Fixed minecord bug

    Fixed: Minecord leave crash bug
  2. Cameras | Doors | New BossBar system | New task | Fixed bugs

    Added: Camera system. (/as addcamera) Added: Sabotage doors. (/as wand | /as adddoor) Added: New...
  3. Fixed bugs

    Fixed: Other bugs

Latest reviews

Not working plugin on server MONEY BACK!
Very Nice! This new update makes the plugin amazing! There are freaking cameras in minecraft! AMAZING! Buy it now!
There is a weird Licensing system thing where once you buy the plugin you have to join the discord wait about 1-2 days for the owner to give you a Licenses then you got to put in into your config and restart the server, but after a while you License just expires or something and it is very glichy and annoying. I would not buy it, LOTS OF BUGS! BEWARE
You can test now new update ;D
Plugin has a lot of bugs, the support is annoying and unhelpful, i got banned on Discord, when i want to get support... LOL
You were not following the rules, and you didn't get banned, you just got kicked by the bot because you were warned.
You were pinging staff, the support team has a life too.
The plugin works fine. But it is still basic and needs some more features.
The support also needs to improve.
Thanks for changing your review, we will be better ;D
I'll update my review, i was liking this plugin but tons and tons of bugs are here, also crashes, before i was fixing it myself since the code isn't obfuscated but now i can't, refund not allowed also, don't buy this crap, there are better options on spigot and also FREE. The dev also is very bad and does not even reply, DON'T BUY.
Unfortunately the plugin is not working. I tried contacting support by ticket, they take so long to answer. And to get worse a staff member muted me for pinging the person who was giving me support...
Hello, sorry for the support, the staff member is changing.
I'm answering all tickets right now, I'll fix your issue ;D
amazing update :D!!!
nice plugin mate i cant wait for the Sabotage system
Very soon Sabotage update ;D
Excellent plugin! I'm waiting Sabotage system and more features in next update!
Very soon Sabotage update ;D
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