Printer PluginLight-Weight | Optimized | Customizable WITH ShopGui+ Hook! 2020/06/11

Flawless Light-Weight Printer Plugin!
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flawless printer printer printer plugin
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- Everything is configurable, from messages to all plugin features.
- The plugin is hooked into ShopGUI+. It has its own optional shop as well.
- Configurable "action bar" when printing.
- Configurable, non-flickering "scoreboard" when printing.
- Inventory caching - players don't have to empty their inventories to enter printer mode. This also works when the server crashes.
- Anti-duplication methods (there's more than stated here):
- Blocks all NBT items by removing them.
- No dropping/picking up items.
- Blocks the usage of: item-frames, snowballs, bows & arrows, flint and steel, fireballs, etc. Any item that players shouldn't be able to use in printer is blocked.
- Can't type any commands in printer mode other than the leaving command.
- Can't open any inventories while in printer mode.
- All known NBT/NMS patches.

Supported versions:
- The plugin works from 1.8 up to 1.16.
We don't recommend later versions (1.12+), the plugin hasn't been fully tested in those versions.

The plugin works with:
- Vault as the economy provider - this is required.
- MassiveCraft Factions, FactionsUUID, SavageFactions or SaberFactions.
- SuperiorSkyblock for skyblock servers.

For more information, contact us on discord!
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Latest updates

  1. optimizations + NBT fixes

    Optimized some methods + Fixed some dupe bugs.

Latest reviews

I've been testing this plugin for 3 days now, and it's absolutely incredible I've never seen so much complexion and beauty in a plugin before honestly a 10/10 buy.
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