Stellar Buycraft Confirm Prevent CB's & Donation Banning | Optimized | 1.8+ | $5 1.2.1

Keep your donations safe from scammers!

Stellar Buycraft Confirm
Keep your donations safe from scammers!
Main Feature:

Making players confirm all their purchases. This is helpful when fighting against chargebacks but also very useful to prevent people from donating under someone else's username and then opening a chargeback to get them banned. Outsmart these scammers before they outsmart you!

Log system
A very easy-to-read system organizes all the confirmed purchases.

Multi-platform Support
No matter if you use buycraft, crafting store, or another variation you will be able to have people confirm.



- stellarbuycraftconfirm.admin: Access to all commands
- stellarbuycraftconfirm.reload: Access to the /confirm reload
- stellarbuycraftconfirm.add: Access to the /confirm add

- /confirm: Main command of the plugin
- Aliases: buycraftconfirm, bconfirm, buyconfirm, confirmbuy, stellarbuycraftconfirm, stellarbuycraft, sbuycraftconfirm, sbc
Price: $5.00
*All StellarDev plugins listed for sale are licensed.

Latest updates

  1. Thanks ~ StellarDev Lookup Inventory Create a gui for the lookup command

    Lookup Inventory Create a gui for the lookup command Update branding to StellarDev
  2. Thanks ~ StellarDev

    Add a subcommand to lookup logs Allow materials in config to be ids Use a map rather than...
  3. Thanks ~ StellarDev

    Add better version support Add command tab completion Add better error handling

Latest reviews

Excellent plugin. Please add Java 16 support though otherwise this plugin will stop working soon.
The plugin works as intended but there was a problem with it and it did take almost a week to finally get a response from the developer but he did get working then.
You bought the plugin on the 4th and left this review on the 8th. That's half the time you stated, I think your rating is a bit harsh for a working product. Sorry, we weren't able to service your report quicker.
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