Portal Website Refined 1.05

The ultimate portal website template, with a live player counter and ip copy!

Join other big servers like Arkham Network & lemoncloud and kickstart your website with the ultimate portal page setup!

• Includes •
- Live player counter
- Clicking the counter copies the IP
- Easy to read documentation to set it up/make changes
- Optimized and efficient code
- Hover effects for the icons

• Images/Gifs •


Please note: The icons on the example page are paid assets and are not included with the website.

♦ Milestones ♦
10 Purchases - Custom Useable Art
25 Purchases - Unlock 10 Purchases To See
50 Purchases - Unlock 25 Purchases To See​

Latest updates

  1. Updated API

    API got updated to have a different URL. This update fixes the API to the new one so your player...
  2. Optimization

    Optimization of clipboard clip
  3. Format Improvement

    Formatted the code to be a bit easier to read and make any changes one would want!
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