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THE plugin for your CityBuild server. Minecraft Spawner redefined.
» BetterSpawner | 1.8.X – 1.17.X «


THE plugin for your CityBuild server. Minecraft Spawner redefined.
With BetterSpawner you save server resources, AFK / Offline items can still be dropped from the spawner and you can upgrade the spawner better and more efficiently through filters and settings.
You can also farm ores with the ORE spawner. And much more!



» 100% customizable in the config

» Ready-made examples included

» PlotSquared Support: old version, new version, v5 and v6 (PlotSquared is not necessary, however)

» Performance-saving: no more entities in one place! Ideal for the server and for the client (FPS)

» Upgrades: XP-Upgrade (more XP Drop), Stock-Upgrade (more Slots in the GUI), Drop-Upgrade (more and better Drops)

» Filters: e.g. directly fried food, raw materials as ores and much more.

» Opening options: Decide between "Only the owner of the spa can open the spa and remove items", "Everyone can open the spa and remove items" or "Confused players can open the spa and remove items (if PlotSquared is on the server)"

» Settings approval: "Only the spawner owner can open settings and buy upgrades etc" or "Trusted players can open settings and buy upgrades etc. (if PlotSquared is on the server)"

» You have the option in the config to enter where you can use BetterSpawner (everywhere, only allow in certain worlds, forbid certain worlds, only allow on plots, on plots)

» Ore-Generator-Spawner: With a certain item, which you have to craft (recipe can be adjusted in the config!), You get an item with which you can convert a spawner to an "ore generator spawner", where ores / raw materials are then generated.

» Vault is required

All Spawner and all messages etc. can be managed in the configuration!

For 1.8.X – 1.17.X



» no Commands



» betterspawner.admin - Allows you to access every spawn, remove items, adjust settings, etc.
» betterspawner.bypass - No cooldown for switching between "active / normal" spawner and "passive / better" spawner
» betterspawner.use - If in Config "permissionneededtouse: true" you need this permission so that you can convert an "active / normal" spawner to a "passive / better" spawner






ORE-GENERATOR-CRAFTING (editable in config!):


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Latest updates

  1. Update v1.1

    » 1.17.x Support » PlotSquared v6 Support » Bug fixes
  2. Update v1.0.5

    » Bug fixes - Settings bug fix - Remove item with armor bug fix
  3. Update v1.0.4

    Small bugfixes

Latest reviews

I bought a plugin, I didn't like it because it doesn't work with my other plugins. Anyone can rob anyone's spawner. I asked for a refund because I will not use this plug, I didn't get it because I downloaded the plug. A terribly idiotic approach because how can I check if the plug is accepted on my server without downloading it. I do not recommend.
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