Minecraft Promotion Buycraft Icon Set // EASTER, SALES, PROMO & MORE! 25 ICONS! 3.0

25 Holiday Buycraft Icons - for any holiday. Easter, Promo, Sales, and more!
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This promotion pack has 25 uniquely drawn festive icons, perfect for updating your Tebex shop with Christmas, Valentine's, or Easter cheer! Featuring a chest and key combo, three gift icons, multiple sale promotion banners and Easter eggs, this pack is perfect for giving away freebies or crates in your shop. The cherry on top is that this pack includes promised updates in the year to come, for every major holiday. Christmas(complete!), New Years (complete!), Valentine’s Day (complete!), Thanksgiving, St. Patrick's Day (complete!), Easter (complete!) and more will be added to this pack, giving you more value for your money than ever.

What you get when you purchase:

  • Minimum 1000x1000 .PNG images
  • All 25 icons posted above.
  • A commitment to updates in the 2021, for this pack to cover other major holidays. So far there have been: THREE updates.
  • High quality icons for a cheaper-than-ever price.
  • Discount & Announcement banners delivered with shown text AND blank so you can add in your own text.

If you have any questions, feel free to DM me onsite or on discord: Wonder#0513
Alternatively, you can always contact me via my website: ReadyArtShop.com

Latest updates

  1. Saint Patrick's Day!

    Added 5 fresh new icons to cover the next upcoming holiday - Saint Patrick's Day!
  2. Valentine's Day & Easter Update!

    Prepare your server for Valentine's Day and Easter! Added 14 brand new icons/banners to use as...
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