Ultra Prison Core [1.8-1.18] ~ ALL-IN-ONE solution for your Prison Server! 1.10.19-RELEASE


Latest updates

  1. Update 1.10.19-RELEASE #3

    Update 1.10.19-RELEASE #3 15th May 2022 Misc | Minor performance improvements
  2. Update 1.10.19-RELEASE #2

    Update 1.10.19-RELEASE #2 14th May 2022 Updated bStats dependency Updated NBTAPI dependency to...
  3. Update 1.10.19-RELEASE

    Update 1.10.19-RELEASE 13th May 2022 Mines | All newly created mines have from now default...

Latest reviews

so, stay away? Kind of sad that I need to leave this review. The dev is trying hard but so many issues. One problem after the other. First, the mining module gets super laggy if 10-15 players are mining (running an i7 4.4gbz dedi with 32gbs of ram btw). Switched to jetmines and had no issues since then. Now I am having issues with the multiplier module. Sometimes it says x5 but it does not work. Also, on top of all that sometimes when you /prestige it does not give you the reward that is assigned in config. Leaderboards wont update until the player gets on. I had to banned 2 players for auto mining and cannot get rid of their tokens. I can go on all day with issues. I have been developing servers since 2014 so I am not the issue. Stay away from this plugin. It looks good on spigot and mc market but not performance.
Really good all in one plugin, worth every last penny, I had a little trouble setting it up and the developer responded very quickly and fixed any problems I had! Amazing!
Very good plugin for what you pay. Support is fast, and the developer fixes bugs quickly. The support discord is a very nice touch aswell.
Good plugin, worth the money and developer gives good support.
This resource works flawlessly, so many awesome features packed into one core providing server owners a very stress-free administration experience. That's not all folks, Draw is such a understanding dude, patient and responds very quickly to bugs or tickets requiring his assistance. I would rate this a 1000 out of 5 stars if possible.
It's a very good plugin for the prison, you can create it's own enchantment choose what you want in the menu of the pickaxe!
The plugin is really complete!
This resource is really great. It has worked perfect for me so far and the support is top notch.
As far as support goes, it's top notch. Developer gets right on it as soon as he has time and works hard to meet your standards. Will not disappoint.
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