Hypixel Skywars kits small evets [HypixelKitsEvent] [FREE] 2020-12-12

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lightweight plugin add the events for Kits
This plugin comes from the idea of adding a manager and lightweight plugin that gives the characteristics of the famous Skywars Hypixel kits events. I planed to add more especial events from others kits soon. Tysm to iTzYeXx for help and work on this idea.


- Kit Granade event. A CreeperCharged from egg spawn.
- Kit Hound V event. You have a tamed wolf egg in your inventory (20HP, Resistance I).
- Lightweight plugin.
- No dependencies.
- No folder.
- More kits event coming soon.

No need command and permissions.



Crediting original
Hypixel addonds by iTzYeXx
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