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Aimed for an optimal performance across the server.
Configuration for
  1. Plugin config
clearlagg configuration custom optimization performance tweak
ClearLagg is one of the most popular optimization plugins that runs over 1000+ minecraft server. This config offers a complete custom optimization for a better server performance. All of these features is available in the clearlagg plugin itself, this configuration is a tweak to make all the features work perfectly fine on minecraft server.


Hopper Limiter (HIGH)
Hopper limiter has been set to a better performance and very server-friendly. This will prevent player from transfering tons of item per-ticks between hopper in each chunk.

Mob Farm Limiter (MEDIUM)
Mob breed has been set to an optimal numbers so that player still can breed certain mob but also prevent the tps to drop.

Entity & Mob Range (LOW)
Entities and mob view range has been modified to increase player fps and also increase server TPS. This features doesn't really affect the server performance.

TNT & TNT Minecart Limiter (LOW)
To prevent player from putting too many minecart in a custom radius. This setting has been tweaked to make the minecart useable and also optimized at the same time.

Dispenser Reducer (MEDIUM)
This features will reduce dispenser fire tick. All placed dispenser will be reduce to an optimal value and drastically increase server TPS.

Spawner Limiter (HIGH)
Each spawners has its own spawn rate. We have change the value to an optimal for each chunk to handle spawner spawn-rate so that it won't affect the server TPS.

Mob Spawn (MEDIUM)
Mob spawn-rate in overworld, nether, the end has been tweak for a loaded chunks. Loaded chunks will no longer spawn an insane amount of mobs.

Custom Clear Lagg Messages
You can refer screenshot for more information about this features.


More Screenshots Coming Soon..


• ClearLagg MUST HAVE
• Clear Lag Timer OPTIONAL


1. Install all the required plugins in /requirements.
2. Copy all folder in configurations into SERVER/PLUGINS/PASTEHERE
3. It is recommended to restart your server for a better result.


Please rate my works or configurations. I would appreciate any star rating it would make me more courage to do more high quality resources in the future.
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